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Dispensing containers

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Are you dealing with messy spills, uneven application, or product waste during liquid handling? Inefficient management of liquids can hinder operations, endanger safety, and affect profits. DENIOS Dispensing Containers provide a solution! Our extensive range of premium containers is engineered to optimize your liquid handling process, improve safety, and enhance efficiency in various sectors. Whether it's hazardous chemicals, automotive lubricants, or routine cleaning agents, DENIOS offers the ideal dispensing container for your needs. Our selection includes a variety of safety cans, bottles, jugs, and spray bottles, all designed with precision and safety as priorities. Our containers feature elements such as measured chambers, controlled dispensing mechanisms, and flame arresters for volatile liquids. Want to transform your liquid handling methods? Explore our Dispensing Containers range and see how DENIOS can assist you in achieving accuracy, control, and efficiency for every use.

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Dispensing liquids can be messy, time-consuming, and even hazardous. However, DENIOS, a leading supplier of high-quality handling equipment, offers a comprehensive range of dispensing containers that provide a controlled and efficient solution for handling various fluids in various industries.

We understand the importance of safety and accuracy in every application. Our dispensing safety cans are explicitly designed for flammable liquids or hazardous materials. These containers feature flame arresters, pressure relief valves, and ergonomic handles that ensure secure and controlled dispensing.

Our dispensing bottles with measured chambers or pump mechanisms are the perfect solution for the controlled application of smaller volumes. These options are ideal for measuring the application of chemicals, solvents, lubricants, and more.

We offer various container sizes, materials, and dispensing mechanisms to suit any application. At DENIOS, versatility is always at your fingertips.

We offer the perfect container to manage your liquids efficiently, from plastic pump dispenser bottles to spray bottles and large dispenser jugs.

Streamlining Liquid Handling with DENIOS Dispensing Containers

Handling liquids can often be messy, time-consuming, and pose potential hazards. However, DENIOS, a renowned provider of top-tier handling equipment, presents an extensive array of dispensing containers. These containers offer a controlled and efficient solution for managing various fluids across diverse industries.

Ensuring Safety and Precision

DENIOS prioritizes safety and accuracy in every application. Our dispensing safety cans are specially crafted for flammable liquids and hazardous materials. Featuring flame arresters, pressure relief valves, and ergonomic handles, these containers guarantee secure and controlled dispensing.

Tailored Solutions for Controlled Application

Our dispensing bottles with measured chambers or pump mechanisms are the ideal choice for precise application of smaller volumes. Perfect for measuring chemicals, solvents, lubricants, and more, these options ensure accuracy in dispensing.

Versatile Options to Meet Any Need

DENIOS offers a variety of container sizes, materials, and dispensing mechanisms to cater to diverse requirements. With DENIOS, versatility is always within reach.

Efficient Liquid Management Solutions

From plastic pump dispenser bottles to spray bottles and large dispenser jugs, DENIOS provides the perfect container to manage liquids efficiently.

Achieve Precision and Efficiency across Industries with DENIOS Fine Dosing Containers

DENIOS Fine Dosing Containers are crafted to enhance efficiency across multiple sectors. In the automotive industry, they provide precise lubrication for parts and allow for the measured use of cleaners and degreasers. In manufacturing, these containers assist in the controlled dispensing of adhesives, solvents, and industrial chemicals. Laboratories gain from their ability to dispense reagents, solvents, and other liquid chemicals safely and accurately. Similarly, the food service sector precisely depends on them to apply oils, syrups, and cleaning agents. Furthermore, for janitorial and maintenance work, DENIOS Fine Dosing Containers promote the controlled application of cleaning agents, disinfectants, and lubricants, enhancing efficiency in various operations.

  • Automotive: Accurate lubrication of components, precise application of cleaners and degreasers.

  • Manufacturing: Regulated dispensing of adhesives, solvents, and industrial chemicals.

  • Laboratories: Secure and precise dispensing of reagents, solvents, and various liquid chemicals.

  • Food Service: Exact application of oils, syrups, and cleaning agents.

  • Janitorial and Maintenance: Managed application of cleaning agents, disinfectants, and lubricants.



Dispensing containers provide numerous benefits over conventional methods such as pouring or utilizing unsealed containers. These advantages include:

Enhanced Safety: They reduce spills and contact with dangerous liquids, particularly with features like flame arresters and controlled dispensing mechanisms.

Improved Accuracy: They allow for precise measurement, cutting down on waste and guaranteeing uniform outcomes.

Increased Efficiency: They are time-savers and reduce the effort needed compared to traditional pouring or funnel use.

Reduced Mess: Their controlled dispensing feature helps prevent spills and drips, maintaining a tidy and orderly workspace.

Better Organization: They can be easily labeled for quick identification and efficient content management.

When Choosing a Dispensing Container, What Factors Should be Considered?

Selecting the optimal dispensing container involves various factors, such as:

The liquid type: Assess the liquid's viscosity, compatibility with the container materials, and any hazardous characteristics.

Intended use: Evaluate the required liquid volume per application and the preferred dispensing method, whether spraying, pouring or precise dosing.

Safety considerations: If you are handling flammable or dangerous liquids, opt for containers equipped with safety mechanisms like flame arresters and pressure relief valves.

Workplace conditions: Consider the available space and the necessity for portability within the work environment.

What custom dispensing containers Options are Available??

DENIOS provides a range of customizable features for dispensing containers, including:

Container size and material: Options include a variety of sizes and materials, such as HDPE plastic or stainless steel, to meet specific requirements.

Dispensing mechanism: Depending on the intended use, choices range from pump tops and spray nozzles to measured dosing chambers.

Labels and branding: Custom labeling solutions are available to identify and brand your dispensing containers swiftly.

What is the best way to clean and maintain my dispensing containers?

The cleaning and maintenance of dispensing containers vary based on their type and the liquids they contain. It is crucial to consult the manufacturer's guidelines for appropriate cleaning techniques and solutions.

What is a liquid dispenser?

A liquid dispenser is a container designed to dispense controlled fluids. They come in various forms, including dispensing bottles, safety cans, and spray bottles.

What is a Dispensing Cap?

Dispensing caps are designed for the controlled application of liquids. They come in various styles, including flip-tops, spouts, and pump tops, to suit the specific needs of the product and application.

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