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Racking and Shelving

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Our shelving and racking systems have got you covered in ensuring safe storage and dispensing of hazardous materials. Whether you're dealing with small containers, chemicals, or other dangerous substances, our containment shelving and pallet racking provide leak-proof solutions, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Let's dive into how our products can revolutionize your storage space.

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Storage & Barriers Solutions

We have solutions for larger space requirements, like cabinets and containers. To find out more go to 'Storage & Barriers Solutions'.

Optimize Your Storage Space with Racking and Shelving

Chemical Shelving for Small Containers

DENIOS offers various hazardous material shelving and racking systems, including containment shelving for small containers and pallet racking for drums and IBCs. These solutions ensure safe and compliant storage and dispensing of hazardous materials, eliminating concerns about leaks and drips.

Our extensive range of hazardous substances shelves caters to various applications, providing stackable and drum racks for safely storing and dispensing dangerous substances in drums and small containers.

DENIOS CA's Chemical Shelving securely stores water-polluting substances, flammable liquids, and aggressive chemicals. Available in galvanized steel or poly, the shelving can be expanded with extra shelves or extension units for customization. For added safety, our shelving can be combined with sump pallets or grids to contain larger spills or drips, with recessed shelves for holding more minor spills.

Racking and chemical containers systems

DENIOS CA offers various Containment Shelving options for securely storing small hazardous material containers. These shelving units are designed to safely store dangerous products for water, corrosive chemicals, or flammable liquids.

With the flexibility to add additional shelves, shelving units, and extension units, you can configure the container shelving to best suit your business needs. Choose models with an open-caged design to ensure a clear view of all stored materials.

Specific models are available with sump pallets or grids to enhance protection further. These sump options, constructed from durable polyethylene or galvanized steel, provide an extra containment layer and safeguard against potential spills.

  • Drum storage racking
  • IBC racking
  • Pallet Rack sumps and inserts
  • Containment shelving

How can I make the best use of my available space for storing products?

DENIOS US offers a variety of Chemical Shelving options, including highly adjustable solutions. Our Containment Shelving provides flexible configurations, and we also offer Poly Shelving with adjustable shelves in 2-inch increments. The frames are reinforced with steel, ensuring a safe load capacity of 500 lbs per shelf.

Designed for the storage of acidic liquids and other aggressive substances, Poly Shelving includes a galvanized sump to contain spills and simplify cleanup effectively. The sump has a capacity of 12 gallons (45 Liters) and is leak-proof, resistant to rust and corrosion, providing enhanced durability and protection.

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