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IBC and Drum Heater

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Heater blankets are a practical and cost-efficient solution for heating individual drums or IBCs, offering precise temperature control and ease of use. These blankets provide effective heating capabilities, ensuring optimal temperature conditions for your needs.

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Innovative Heating Solutions for Drums and IBCs

Versatile and Space-Efficient Heating Solutions

DENIOS presents a diverse selection of heating blankets and jackets explicitly tailored for drums and IBCs, offering flexible and efficient heating solutions, especially for mobile applications. These solutions, available in various sizes and materials like steel or silicone, are adept at maintaining optimal temperatures and preventing frost damage, even in potentially hazardous environments.

Discover the advantages DENIOS' heating blankets and jackets offer: energy-efficient designs, a comprehensive control range of 0 to 90°C, splashproof options, and suitability for use in hazardous areas. These systems, exemplified by the heating jacket HM, utilize innovative heating elements designed for reduced heat losses and lower power consumption, ensuring precise and safe temperature regulation.

Explore DENIOS' water-repellent, abrasion-resistant heating jackets made of polyamide with a polyurethane coating and quilted glass wool insulation. Available for both barrels and IBCs, these jackets require minimal storage space and offer swift installation, providing a practical heating solution that adapts swiftly to varying needs.


DENIOS offers a range of heating blankets and jackets specifically designed for drums and IBCs, providing flexible and efficient heating solutions for individual containers, including those in mobile applications. These heating blankets are available in different sizes to accommodate container volumes and are suitable for use in areas at risk of explosion.

With options available in steel or silicone materials, DENIOS' drum heating blankets are well-suited for mobile use and offer effective heating to prevent frost damage and maintain optimal temperatures for storage and processing. These heating systems cater to various requirements, ensuring the safe and controlled heating of drums and IBCs, even in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Your advantages:

  • Energy-saving design

  • Control range 0 up to 90°C

  • Splashproof available

  • Also, for hazardous areas

The heating jacket HM by DENIOS uses a heating element made of spiral-wound resistance wire with an insulating layer of silicone. This reduces heat losses, resulting in lower power consumption. A precisely defined control range from 0 up to 90°C allows for safe heating.

The heating jackets are water-repellent and abrasion-resistant polyamide with a polyurethane coating and high-quality insulation made of quilted glass wool. They are available both for a barrel and for an IBC. Such a heating jacket requires little storage space and is quickly installed if necessary.

A variety of heaters and blankets

  • Drum Heater Blankets

  • Gas cylinder Heater

  • IBC Heater Blanket

  • Strip Heater

  • Drum Heater Belts

  • Heating Coils

  • Drum Induction Heaters

  • Base Heaters

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