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Gas Cylinder Hand Trucks

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Transport cylinders safely from workstation to workstation with our Gas cylinder carts and dollies. Using a suitable gas cylinder cart or dolly is vital, These carts are simple to use and require no heavy lifting. They make it easy to move gas cylinders without straining you back.

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Gas Cylinder Hand Trucks

Gas Cylinder Hand Trucks

Transport cylinders safely from workstation to workstation with a DENIOS Gas Cylinder Cart or Dolly. Using a suitable gas cylinder cart or dolly is vital. That is why our models are complete with supporting handles and security chains or straps. These carts are simple to use and require no heavy lifting. They make it easy to move gas cylinders without straining your back.

Available in steel and non-sparking, poly constructions.

Gas Cylinders

What risks are posed by gas cylinders?

Gas cylinders can be a significant hazard if handled improperly. The most common causes of accidents involving gas cylinders include:

Tearing off the valve

Since the valve is the weakest point of a gas cylinder, its protection with a valve protection cap is an absolute must. If a gas cylinder is damaged by tearing off the valve so that its pressurized content escapes abruptly, it can turn into a veritable projectile and thus penetrate concrete walls.

  • Cylinders Lifters
  • Gas cylinder stands
  • Gas cylinders Cages

Gas cylinder handling products include metal or plastic gas cylinder wagons, gas cylinder transport racks for forklifts and transportable gas cylinder pallets, wall brackets and gas cylinder stands.

Poly Gas Cylinder Dolly

A poly gas cylinder dolly provides safety and convenience. Its plastic construction is both durable and non-sparking to help prevent fires and explosions when used with volatile, pressurized gases. They also feature a built-in tool tray, making it the perfect addition to any maintenance department or welding shop. They come with an ergonomic handle, pneumatic tires, and a safety chain to hold cylinders in place. All-terrain models also available.

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Risk assessment for gases

There are many hazards associated with handling gases - but with the right knowledge, risks can be effectively minimized. We provide you with guidance on how to approach a risk assessment for gases.

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Checklist How to store gas cylinders correctly outdoors

Our checklist shows you how to choose the right location for your gas cylinder storage facility and design it in compliance with the law, how to ensure safe operation on a day-to-day basis, and which maintenance and inspection obligations must be complied with.

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Handling gas cylinders safely

Gas cylinders are used every day in many businesses. But how do you ensure safe handling, for example when changing cylinders? And how can gas cylinders be transported properly? We present some important safety measures and regulations.

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Storing highly flammable substances - 8 important checks

When storing flammable substances on your site it is important to ensure you have them secured and in a safe location. This includes having the proper safety precautions in place.

The dangerous substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) require risks from the indoor storage of dangerous substances to be controlled by elimination or by reducing the quantities of such substances in the workplace to a minimum.

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