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IBC Spill Containment

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DENIOS IBC Tote Sumps and IBC Spill Containment Pallets are designed with versatility. These sumps are engineered to meet the specific requirements of storing 350-gallon totes, and we also offer models tailored for 250 and 550-gallon capacities. Additionally, our sumps can accommodate the most popular tote size, equivalent to 1000 litres or 264 gallons. These totes can be seamlessly integrated with any of our standard sump options.

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IBC Tote Stands and Dispensing Stations

Safely dispense from IBC Totes on a platform over a 385-gallon spill containment sump

Safely dispensing from IBC Totes has never been more efficient. Our IBC Tote Stands elevate the totes to a convenient dispensing height, allowing easy access to drain valves and creating space for gravity dispensing into smaller containers. These stands are adaptable to accommodate most IBC Tote sizes.

While we recommend using these stands for dispensing non-hazardous materials, they can also be paired with a DENIOS spill sump or pallet to capture small-volume drips and spills, enhancing housekeeping practices, especially when working with regulated or hazardous materials. Our stands come in various heights and are constructed with high-quality poly materials, ensuring secondary containment.

For specific requirements, custom stands can be made available upon request. These stands are shipped in a knocked-down form and can be easily assembled on-site.

Dispensing System

Our dispensing system features a 385-gallon sump volume that surpasses the requirements of the EPA and UFC. Key accessories include:

 Accessories include:

  • ¬†Splash guard: Protect workers and surrounding areas from dangerous chemicals.

  • Dispensing Stand: IBC Totes are elevated 20 inches (50.8 cm) and sloped forward 3 degrees for efficient dispensing.

  • Dispensing Platform: This 73-inch (185.4 cm) deep platform provides 18 inches (45.7 cm) of space to safely dispense from IBC Totes into containers on the dispensing ledge, preventing leaks or drips.

DENIOS offers versatile IBC Tote Sumps and Containment Pallets tailored for 350-gallon totes, with options for other capacities like 250, 550, and 1000 litres. IBC Tote Stands facilitate safe dispensing by elevating totes for easy access to drain valves and gravity dispensing into smaller containers. These stands, recommended for non-hazardous materials, can pair with spill sumps for regulated substances. Customizable stands, shipped knocked down, assure easy on-site assembly. The dispensing system, exceeding EPA requirements, includes a splash guard, a sloped stand for efficient dispensing, and a platform to prevent leaks while dispensing into containers.

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