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We all bear the responsibility for maintaining our natural habitat. Our special duty is to protect the environment and nature and preserve it for future generations.

At DENIOS, we strive to improve and set new standards constantly: nature provides the best protection - as a manufacturer and developer, we come second. In our brand world, you will find carefully coordinated product programs for the safe handling of hazardous substances - practice-oriented, proven, and secure!

Product Innovation
Developed by DENIOS Engineers
With know-how of 30 years
Environmentally Conscious
Tried, Tested & Certified


FALCON products offer reliable protection and maximum safety during transporting and handling hazardous materials. The extensive FALCON range includes filling cans, fine dosage cans, storage and transport containers, safety canisters for the safe handling of aggressive substances, spray cans, attachment cans and immersion containers for cleaning work.

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DENSORB absorbents are your high-performance partners in the fight against leaking liquids. Available in three versions - Universal, Oil and Special, DENSORB absorbents only soak up what they are intended to and do not drip, tear or fluff, no matter how full they are. Whether a mat, roll, snake or skimmer, 100% saturation is easily possible.

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With the SpillGuard, our engineers have developed the first warning system of its kind: Completely self-sufficient, immediately ready for use and suitable for any spill pallet - even in ATEX Zone 0! Leaked hazardous substances within the sump are reliably detected and reported before they can cause significant damage. Installation is easier than ever: Place, switch on, be safe!

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DENIOS: Championing Environmental Protection Through Innovation

DENIOS champions environmental preservation and responsibility, emphasizing the collective duty to safeguard our natural habitat. They prioritize environmental protection by constantly innovating, setting higher standards, and acknowledging nature as the primary source of protection. As manufacturers and developers, their commitment revolves around creating meticulously designed product programs focused on safely handling hazardous substances. Their brand ethos revolves around practical, proven, and secure solutions dedicated to preserving the environment for future generations.

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