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Explore our selection of non-fire-rated hazmat storage solutions, all FM Global approved, available in walk-in buildings and rack-style containers. With ample capacity for multiple drums and totes, along with essential accessories, our offerings ensure safe and efficient chemical storage.

Suitable for placement indoors or outdoors, our hazmat storage units provide comprehensive physical separation between stored chemicals and the surrounding environment, minimizing risks from incompatible substances or potential ignition sources.

Our hazmat storage buildings serve dual purposes: secure repositories for chemicals and functional workspaces where employees can safely carry out tasks like dispensing and dosing liquids. Designed explicitly for personnel occupancy, our walk-in hazmat chemical storage buildings have various customizable options to enhance safety, efficiency, and security.

Safety is our top priority, reflected in our products' compliance with industry standards, with most models carrying FM approval.

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Hazmat chemical storage buildings

Hazmat chemical storage buildings stand out when seeking chemical storage solutions tailored for compliance. These structures prioritize the safety and security of your chemicals, offering non-fire-rated options in walk-in buildings and rack-style containers. FM Global approval underscores their reliability, while their capacity to accommodate multiple drums, IBC totes, and a suite of accessories ensures comprehensive functionality.

These versatile solutions find applications across various industries:

  • Process enclosures: Ideal for activities like pumping, mixing, dispensing, and paint kitchen operations.
  • Remote Storage: Suitable for waste collection and chemical dispensing tasks.
  • Agricultural chemical storage: Perfect for facilities such as parks, recreation centers, and golf courses.
  • Racking systems for storage and separation: Designed to safely house toxic, dangerous, or valuable materials.
  • Handled drum storage: Provides secure storage for drums containing hazardous materials.
  • FM Approved Insurance buildings: Ensuring compliance and peace of mind for insurance purposes.

Non-Fire rated chemical storage

DENIOS provides a wide array of Non-Fire-Rated Buildings tailored to meet your industrial storage needs. Whether you need efficient storage solutions for non-flammable chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, paints, solvents, and beyond, our diverse product range has you covered? Our offerings include accessories such as temperature control, spill containment, ventilation, and customizable colour options, ensuring flexibility to suit your requirements. Requesting a quote lets you discover personalized solutions perfectly aligned with your specifications.

  • Process enclosures: pumping, mixing, dispensing, paint kitchen.
  • Remote Storage: Waste collection, chemical dispensing operations.
  • Agricultural chemical storage: Parks and recreation, golf courses, etc.
  • Racking systems for storage and separation: Toxic dangerous, valuable materials.
  • HazMat storage of drums handled by hand.
  • FM Approved Insurance buildings
  • Battery testing enclosures

Customized solutions through various equipment accessories

The equipment selection is crucial for customizing each product to your exact specifications. Our experienced experts are ready to work closely with you to develop a tailored solution that meets your needs perfectly. We offer a range of add-ons for our buildings, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling technology, ramps, lighting, eye shower stations, and more.

For further assistance and advice, reach out to your sales representative today!

Air conditioning

Optional HVAC equipment for electrically classified interiors.


Optional HVAC equipment for electrically classified interiors.

Technical ventilation

For effective cross ventilation of the hazmat storage.

The control technology is optimally matched to DENIOS chemical buildings. It triggers an optical and acoustic alarm in case of a deviation in measured data. In addition, automatic locking or extinguishing systems are activated, for example. All information is on the operating and display elements clearly presented.

Comfort control

Modern touch panels / displays for indoor or outdoor use with high ease of use.

Dry Chem systems

Dry Chem systems provide extra safety in containers used to store flammable and non-flammable substances. DENIOS offers a wet or dry system.

Fire detectors

DENIOS fire detectors are equipped with approved multi-sensors, that detect smoke and fire quickly and reliably.

What is the meaning of FM approval?

FM approvals are the independent testing arm of the international insurance carrier, FM Global. FM approvals use scientific research and testing to make sure products conform to the highest standards for safety and property loss prevention. Products that pass get the “FM APPROVED” mark.

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Seeking Chemical Storage Solutions?

Explore more about your storage and containment requirements. Enjoy free complimentary product evaluation, whether on-site or virtual.

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