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Safely and securely store your chemical drums and IBC totes with Denios Chemical Storage lockers.

Our lockers are meticulously constructed in a CWB-certified facility, adhering to Canadian Code standards. This ensures safety when storing up to 14 drums or 2 IBC totes.

We understand that each storage need is unique. With our in-house engineering capabilities, that's why we can tailor the storage locker to meet your specific hazmat locker requirements. Whether it's a straightforward 2-hour fire-rated construction or a more intricate solution for storing hazardous materials, Denios has covered you.

Explore our hazmat storage lockers designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a hazmat drum storage locker or versatile storage lockers, we have the solutions you need.

Ready to enhance your chemical storage capabilities? Contact our expert advisors today to discuss your project requirements and ensure you have the proper hazmat storage lockers.

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Storage Locker Product Description


Discover DENIOS Chemical Storage Lockers, designed and FM-approved for exceptional safety. Our lockers feature spill-compliant sumps, hinged doors with internal release for enhanced security, and passive ventilation. Meeting EPA and UFC requirements, these lockers can withstand winds of up to 240 km/h (145 km/h models available upon request).

Securely store Bio-Hazardous Waste

DENIOS Non-Combustible Storage Lockers offer a protected environment for storing non-hazardous bio-wastes. Built with sturdy 11-gauge welded steel construction, each model incorporates a spill-compliant sump beneath a galvanized grating platform. Standard features include passive vents, exterior grounding lugs, and anchoring points.

Our Lockers include:

  • Non-Combustible 2- hour rated firewall design
  • FM approved
  • Lockable, hinged doors with inside release provide added safety
  • Our fire-rated N-Series lockers provide 2-hour fire-rated construction with a variety of options and capacities of 2-14 drums
  • Choose between Blue, Tan, or White painted finished
  • Locker Options include ramp and shelves, water sprinkler, dry chemical fire suppression system, among others
  • All models come standard with galvanized grating above a spill compliant sump, passive ventilation, exterior grounding lug, anchoring point, NFPA 704 placard

Chemical Storage Lockers

Experience the comprehensive Chemical Storage Locker program DENIOS offers, catering to businesses and industries. Our range of lockers is designed for secure outdoor storage of drums and totes, encompassing various models to suit your specific needs. We have you covered from basic storage of non-combustible chemicals to robust designs for hazardous applications, including 2-hour fire-rated construction.

The majority of DENIOS Lockers are FM-approved, ensuring their reliability and compliance.

Sizes & Styles:

  • Locker capacities from 2-14 drums, 1-2 IBC Totes
  • All units are built to accommodate outdoor placement.
  • Door styles vary and include hinged doors
  • Locker and door heights allow added headroom for attachment of mixers and pumps for dispensing/processing
  • Non-Combustible, fire rated, and/or temperature controlled models available

Common Applications:

  • Outdoor storage of small volumes of hazardous chemicals
  • Rail, marine, truck and DOT terminals, storing/dispensing lubricants and oils
  • Parks, turf, and nursery centers for storage of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Temperature controlled outdoor storage of raw materials
  • Hazardous waste accumulation centers


  • Manufactured to meet FM Approval 6049, ensuring compliance with Canadian safety regulations
  • Adheres to the standards set by NFPA (fire protection), OSHA (occupational safety), and EPA (environmental protection, specifically EPA-CFR 40)
  • Electrical components carry UL certification, guaranteeing their safety and reliability
  • Equipped with Roll-Up doors certified (NFPA / UL listing) in accordance with the International Building Code (IBC)

Proven standard worldwide

DENIOS has over 35 years of engineering experience and is represented in over 20 countries in America, Europe and Asia.

The DENIOS System

The DENIOS System of Storage Lockers, Occupancy Buildings, and Non-Occupancy Buildings specifically addresses the material handling and processing needs of the client. All our structures are designed for placement indoors or outdoors and can be easily relocated via crane or forklift. All provide options for fire rating, explosion protection, and temperature control. All designs address what and how much is being stored and how often it needs to be handled. And all are compliant.

Customized solutions through various equipment

The equipment plays a decisive role in the individual product configuration. Let our experienced experts coordinate your requirements with you and develop a tailor-made solution.

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling technology for indoor climate regulation. Reliable air conditioning for heat or frost-sensitive stored goods is necessary in many industrial areas to protect stored chemicals from harmful temperature influences.


Additional Steel ramp available upon request.


Stainless Steel Shelves for practical organization

Water Sprinkler Nozzle

Extra Safety for a possible fire.


For an earthing connection inside the store. Provides the necessary equipotential bonding with an external pin as a connection.


Grounding bracket for equipotential bonding.

Gas warning equipment

Explosion-proof detector transmits LEL values. They are used for preventive fire and explosion protection.

Accessories images shown are for illustration purpose. Actual accessory may vary due to available options in North America.

What is the meaning of FM approval?

FM approvals are the independent testing arm of the international insurance carrier FM Global. FM approvals use scientific research and testing to ensure products conform to the highest safety and property loss prevention standards. Products that pass get the “FM APPROVED” mark.

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We are happy to advise you!

Tailor-made advice, and service fulfillment. Our advisors walk the additional mile. Take advantage of our phone, mail, or on-premise service offers.

Expert advice 1-905-551-9519
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