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Storage Lockers

At DENIOS, we're your premier destination for cutting-edge chemical storage lockers meticulously designed to surpass rigorous safety and compliance standards. As industry pioneers in hazardous material storage solutions, we offer an extensive range of expertly crafted lockers, prioritizing the protection of both personnel and the environment.

Rest assured, our dedication to surpassing regulatory standards, including CSA, FM Approval, ECCC, and CCOHS regulations, means you can confidently source from us, knowing your facility is equipped with top-tier storage solutions. Whether you require non-combustible options or fire-rated constructions, our lockers are fully customizable to meet your unique requirements.

Explore our diverse inventory today and experience firsthand how DENIOS sets the benchmark for safety and dependability in chemical storage.

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Tailored Approaches to Hazardous Material Storage

Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers

Experience our meticulously engineered Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers, crafted with durable steel construction, spill-compliant sumps, and customizable features to ensure utmost safety and compliance. Available in various sizes and styles, they accommodate diverse storage requirements across industries, offering secure solutions for hazardous materials with convenient access and flexible relocation capabilities.

What our lockers include

  • Meticulously designed Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers
  • Superior functionality and security for storing hazardous materials
  • Solid, light-duty locker design
  • Additional interior height for vertical drum pumping operations
  • Secure, weather-proof exterior storage
  • Accommodating 1, 2, 4, and 8 drums
  • Steel construction for strength and durability
  • 66-gallon sump meets EPA and UFC requirements for spill containment
  • Walls and doors constructed of 20-gauge steel for robust protection
  • Forklift access from all four sides for effortless relocation
  • Lockable hinged doors provide added security and easy access
  • Self-supporting shelf system on heavy-duty galvanized shelves for efficiency
  • Customizable with Shelving, ramps, and fire suppression systems

Sizes and styles

Choose from various sizes and styles with our Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers, catering to diverse storage demands. From our sturdy, light-duty locker design to the non-combustible N-Series locker line, we offer capacities suitable for any requirement. Whether accommodating 1 to 14 drums, our lockers provide flexibility for businesses of all scales. Explore different styles, including models tailored for vertical drum pumping operations and those ideal for storing IBC totes. With customizable options like colour finishes and additional accessories like ramps and shelves, you can personalize your locker to integrate into your facility while optimizing storage efficiency seamlessly.

Common Applications

DENIOS's Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers serve critical roles across diverse industries where the safe and compliant storage of hazardous materials is paramount. From manufacturing facilities to petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical laboratories, oil and gas refineries, agricultural settings, and beyond, our lockers provide a secure environment for storing a wide array of hazardous substances. Whether it's flammables, bio waste, pesticides, or corrosive chemicals, our lockers offer versatile solutions tailored to your storage needs, easily accommodating drums, IBC totes, or smaller containers.

Equipped with spill-compliant sumps, FM approval, and customizable options for fire suppression and temperature control, our lockers ensure the safety of personnel and compliance with regulatory standards across various industrial applications. Trust DENIOS to safeguard your hazardous materials with precision and reliability.

Flammable Fire-Rated Storage Lockers

Elevate your outdoor flammable material storage with our range of Flammable Fire-Rated Storage Lockers in diverse sizes and styles. Engineered with UL-approved 2-hour fire-rated construction, these lockers provide secure storage near your facility. Customize with options like ramps and shelves for enhanced functionality.

Ideal for industrial environments, our lockers offer peace of mind with lockable hinged doors and automatic closing roll-up doors, meeting NFPA regulations and FM standards. Safeguard against fire hazards associated with flammable liquids while ensuring compliance and security.

What our lockers include

  • Flammable Fire-Rated Storage Lockers
  • Secure outdoor flammable storage near your facility
  • UL-approved 2-hour fire-rated construction
  • Compliance with fire rating requirements
  • Easy access to drums with fork truck or optional ramp
  • Available in capacities of 2-14 drums
  • Spill-compliant sumps
  • Lockable hinged doors for added safety
  • Self-supporting shelf system on heavy-duty galvanized shelves for efficiency
  • Customizable with Shelving, ramps, and fire suppression systems

Sizes and styles

DENIOS offers a versatile selection of Flammable Fire-Rated Storage Lockers tailored to various storage needs. Whether you need a compact solution for a few drums or a more oversized locker accommodating up to 14 drums, we have options to fit your requirements precisely. Our lockers boast UL-approved 2-hour fire-rated construction and can be customized with additional accessories like ramps, shelves, and fire suppression systems for added functionality and safety.

Opt for models with roll-up doors for enhanced convenience, all meticulously designed to meet stringent CSA regulations and FM standards. Trust DENIOS for reliable and compliant storage solutions for flammable materials.

Common Applications

Our Flammable Fire-Rated Storage Lockers are the go-to solution for securely storing drums and totes containing flammable materials, catering to various applications. Commonly found in industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, and warehouses, these lockers are indispensable for ensuring the safe storage of flammable liquids. Whether you require outdoor storage near your facility or a secure enclosure for dispensing flammable liquids, our fire-rated lockers provide the utmost safety and peace of mind.

Featuring automatic closing roll-up doors, spill-compliant sumps, and FM approval, our lockers are designed to meet regulatory standards while minimizing the risk of fire hazards associated with flammable materials. Trust DENIOS for reliable and compliant storage solutions that prioritize safety in hazardous environments.

DENIOS Chemical Storage Lockers: Key Features

Customization Options for Your Chemical Storage Needs

Selecting the right equipment is paramount in creating the ideal product configuration. Rely on our seasoned experts to collaborate, customizing a solution that meets your needs. Elevate your buildings with our array of add-ons, which include:

Temperature regulators

DENIOS uses the most up-to-date temperature regulators to ensure user-friendly programming of required temperatures. Most DENIOS regulators can be programmed and adjusted on the main control box on the exterior of the container.

Dry Chem systems

Dry Chem systems provide extra safety in containers used to store flammable and non-flammable substances. DENIOS offers a wet or dry system.

Smoke/heat detectors & fire alarms

An early warning system must be installed to protect fireproof containers. DENIOS uses certified multi-sensors for this purpose. Smoke and fire detection is quick and reliable and can be installed with a siren. The alarm system can be connected to the central alarm system.

The control technology is optimally matched to DENIOS chemical buildings. It triggers an optical and acoustic alarm in case of a deviation in measured data. In addition, automatic locking or extinguishing systems are activated, for example. All information is on the operating and display elements presented.

Air conditioning

DENIOS engineering provides precise solutions to temperature control, such as cooling units and air conditioning systems. With DENIOS expertise, we always have a solution for your needs.


Many substances require optimal heating to maintain quality. DENIOS provides heating systems using electric or steam heat.

Fire dampers

Where air circulation is required, fire dampers can be installed featuring automatic closing air vent mechanisms. These close automatically as soon as fire is detected, thus cutting off the supply of oxygen to the fire source in the container.

Proven standard worldwide

DENIOS has over 35 years of engineering experience and is represented in over 20 countries in America, Europe, and Asia.

What is the meaning of FM approval?

FM approvals are the independent testing arm of the international insurance carrier FM Global. FM approvals use scientific research and testing to ensure products conform to the highest safety and property loss prevention standards. Products that pass get the “FM APPROVED” mark.

DENIOS: Championing Safety and Environmental Responsibility

At DENIOS, we prioritize safety and environmental stewardship above all else. Collaborating closely with our clients, we strive to enhance workplace safety through innovative products, personalized consultations, and comprehensive training programs. With over 37 years of industry expertise, our core values of transparency, innovation, expertise, reliability, and stability underpin every aspect of our operations.

As a global leader in safety solutions, we strongly emphasize sustainability and corporate responsibility. Our services encompass end-to-end solutions, from initial planning stages to ongoing maintenance. Established in Louisville, Kentucky, DENIOS North America has served the region since 1990, expanding into Canada in 2017 and extending our reach to South America and the Caribbean. With a robust global presence, we continuously grow and innovate, committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise for a safer future.

With over three decades of experience in hazardous materials storage, we are dedicated to empowering our clients with knowledge through resources such as DENIOS Brands, our online magazine, and the Download Center. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability drives us to develop cutting-edge solutions, supported by our passionate and highly motivated team. As we embark on this journey, we welcome talented individuals and professionals to join us in shaping a safer, more sustainable future together.

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Welcome to DENIOS, your premier hub for invaluable resources and insights. Delve into this section to discover a treasure trove of information meticulously crafted to empower you on your path to safety and compliance excellence. Immerse yourself in our curated selection of magazine articles, where industry luminaries generously share their knowledge and expertise across various topics.

In search of practical tools and resources to bolster your safety initiatives? Look no further than our Download Center, your comprehensive resource hub housing brochures, checklists, and other essential documents. You'll find everything you need to fortify your safety protocols and ensure regulatory compliance here.

Embark on a journey to uncover more about our company, DENIOS, and our unwavering commitment to safety, sustainability, and innovation. Join us as we navigate toward a future characterized by safety, resilience, and environmental stewardship.

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As a family-owned business, our values are the bedrock of our operations. With more than thirty years entrenched in our local community, our actions are guided by unwavering principles that underscore our profound dedication. While our reach extends globally, our core focus remains to safeguard natural resources and to champion environmental stewardship. Our endeavours are propelled by a vision of preserving the world for future generations. At DENIOS, this commitment is the cornerstone of our efforts, shaping every facet of our mission.

Seeking Chemical Storage Solutions?

Explore more about your storage and containment requirements. Enjoy free complimentary product evaluation, whether on-site or virtual.

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