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Absorbent Rolls

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Prevent spills effectively and ensure workplace safety with DENIOS Absorbent Rolls. These adaptable rolls provide exceptional coverage and absorbency for a range of liquids. Perfect for widespread application on machines prone to leaks, they can absorb oils, coolants, solvents, water, and even mild acids and bases.

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DENIOS Absorbent Rolls: A Versatile Solution for Spill Management

Universal Absorbent Rolls: Addressing Various Leaks and Spills Efficiently

DENSORB Universal Rolls are a versatile choice for industrial and commercial settings. Constructed from high-performance Fine Fiber polypropylene, they are highly effective at absorbing water- and oil-based fluids. Available in medium-weight for more minor cleanups and heavy-weight for more substantial spills, they are perfect for maintenance and repair tasks.

Oil-Only Absorbent Rolls: Precision Cleanup for Oil Spills

DENSORB Oil-Only Rolls are equipped with specially treated fibres that selectively absorb oils, fuels, and hydrocarbons while repelling water. Their specialized absorption is perfect for addressing oil spills on water or various surfaces. Choose medium-weight rolls for regular spill volumes or heavy-weight rolls for more significant spill management.

HazMat Absorbent Rolls: Safely Manage Hazardous Chemical Spills

DENSORB HazMat Rolls are engineered to tackle harsh and corrosive chemicals like acids and alkalis. Their advanced melt-blown technology provides outstanding absorbency and enhanced tear resistance, ensuring they are a safe option for controlling and cleaning up dangerous spills.

DENSORB ABSORBENT ROLLS: Advantages Extending Beyond Absorption

Versatile and Economical:

DENSORB Absorbent Rolls provide an economical solution for various spill situations. Their extensive coverage area enables efficient leak and spill management, reducing downtime and interruptions.

User-Friendly and Disposable:

The rolls are designed with perforations for convenient tearing, allowing size customization for particular spills. Following use, they can be discarded according to prescribed guidelines.

Robust and Persistent:

Constructed from superior materials, DENSORB Absorbent Rolls boast durability. They withstand tearing and shredding, even in rigorous cleanup operations.

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DENSORB ABSORBENT ROLLS: Selecting the Ideal Spill Resolution

Don't let spills impede your workflow. DENSORB Absorbent Rolls offer versatility, performance, and user-friendliness to maintain a clean and safe work environment. Explore our Universal, Oil-Only, and HazMat roll selections to find the ideal match for your needs.

Universal Rolls

Opt for DENSORB Universal Rolls for diverse industrial and commercial cleanups. These Fine-Fiber polypropylene sorbents are designed to efficiently absorb oil—and water-based non-aggressive liquids. Choose Medium-weight for small cleanups and Heavy-weight for more significant spills during regular maintenance and repair tasks.

Oil-Only Rolls

Oil-only sorbents feature specially treated fibers that soak up oils, fuels, and other hydrocarbons while repelling water. Choose a medium weight for moderate spill volumes and a heavy weight for more substantial spills.

Hazmat Rolls

Hazmat Rolls are engineered to withstand various chemicals, including acids and bases. They swiftly absorb water or oil-based liquids. Their innovative melt-blown technology ensures superior absorbency and strong tear resistance, distinguishing them with their exceptional performance.

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