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Facility Maintenance and Work Safety

There are many safety requirements that are crucial to consider when planning and operating production processes. Safely transporting your production materials is equally as important as having correct signage in place in your facility. You need to consider all these essential onsite requirements when you plan, implement and maintain production operations throughout your company. DENIOS is a trusted expert in the field of occupational safety and facility maintenance.

Facility Maintenance and Work Safety

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Facility Maintenance & Work Safety

Facility Maintenance at DENIOS

DENIOS is a trusted expert in the field of occupational safety and facility maintenance. From Industrial cleaning equipment, Forklift equipment, Work Safety and PPE.

  • Industrial Cleaning Equipment
  • Disposal Equipment
  • Forklift Equipment
  • Work Safety
  • PPE

Manufacturing companies must deal with increased safety requirements in their daily operations but also have to effectively deal with hazardous substances. DENIOS has a great assortment of facilities maintenance products ranging from industrial vacuums, cleaning and disposal equipment to work platforms, all to help you keep your employees and facility safe and compliant with regulations and codes.


Indsutrial Cleaning Equipment

Keep the workplace safe and clean with DENIOS CA Industrial cleaning equipment. Includes plunger cans, parts cleaning and industrial vacuum cleaners.

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Disposal Equipment

DENIOS CA provides industrial cleaning equipment and disposal equipment and containers specifically designed to tackle any hazard.

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Forklift Equipment

Forklift truck attachments are an ideal way of transporting heavy drums safely and easily, Whether you require drums turners, drum lifters, or drum grippers, DENIOS CA can offer the ideal forklift truck attachments to meet your application requirements.

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Work Safety

Employees in manufacturing companies are exposed to a large number of potential accident risk. Often the arise from everyday situations and routine processes.

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Personal protective equipment or PPE are essential in keeping your employees safe. Our extensive line include fall, hand, respiratory, and eye protection as well as protective clothing.

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Leak emergency plan in 10 steps

Any facility that uses, processes, or stores hazardous materials should have an emergency spill clean-up plan in place. The DENIOS 10-point emergency plan guides you safely and systematically through the leak clean-up process.

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Act Correctly in the event of an Oil Spill

In the event of an oil leak or a major oil accident, quick action is required - because there is a risk of damage to the environment and the risk of accidents for employees. In our FAQ "What to do in the event of an oil spill" we give you answers on what you can and must do so that you are well prepared and an oil leak does not turn into an oil disaster.

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Risk assessment for gases

There are many hazards associated with handling gases - but with the right knowledge, risks can be effectively minimized. We provide you with guidance on how to approach a risk assessment for gases.

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Checklist How to store gas cylinders correctly outdoors

Our checklist shows you how to choose the right location for your gas cylinder storage facility and design it in compliance with the law, how to ensure safe operation on a day-to-day basis, and which maintenance and inspection obligations must be complied with.

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