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Poly Cabinets

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DENIOS Poly Cabinets allow you to store aggressive substances in laboratories, schools, institutes, and universities. Small Poly Cabinets can store oils, acids, and alkalis and have high chemical resistance because they are manufactured entirely from environmentally friendly polyethylene.

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Poly Cabinet- 2 Drums
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Poly Cabinet - 3 Shelves
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Do you want to store water-polluting, non-flammable liquids and toxic substances in workrooms per regulations? We recommend vertical cabinets from DENIOS. Store aggressive chemicals in compliance with the law, for example, in laboratories, schools, institutes and universities.


Industrial uses

Sulfuric acid is widely used in iron and steel production, especially in the automotive industry, to remove rust and other impurities from car bodies and parts. This powerful acid needs to be safely stored away when not in use. A secure sheet steel acid and alkali Cabinet features corrosion-free ventilation ducts and two separately locked cabinets to prevent dangerous mishaps or carelessness.

Acids and alkalis are also frequently used in the food industry, together with other potentially corrosive substances. A stainless steel chemical cabinet is suitable for storing food ingredients and industrial chemicals and is easy to clean and acid and moisture-resistant.

Workshops and laboratories

A Small Container Cabinet for storing acids or other aggressive compounds is ideal for small workshops and laboratories, including those in schools and universities. These can be fitted with transparent doors, allowing users to see precisely what is inside without opening the cabinet, limiting contact with corrosive materials and reducing the risk of exposure to toxic gases. Alternatively, a lockable synthetic shutter can be fitted to prevent unauthorized access and secure items against theft or misuse.

Environmental protection

Protecting the environment is paramount when working with and storing all kinds of chemicals, including acids. If substances are accidentally released into the air, water, or the surrounding natural ecosystem, then long-lasting and widespread damage can occur.

By storing water-polluting and aggressive liquids in a PolyStore ecological cabinet, not only can hazards up to and including loss of life be avoided, but you will show compliance with environmental laws and regulations and substantially reduce the chances of an accident that could cause irreparable damage to your brand's reputation.

  • Fire rated cabinets
  • HazMat Stations
  • Flammable Cabinets

Storage you can trust

DENIOS US provides custom and ready-made solutions for storing acids, alkalis, bases, and other corrosive materials. We are acutely aware of the risks posed by many items commonly used in industry and remain dedicated to helping provide safe and effective storage, protecting our environment and your workers while complying with all relevant environmental, health and safety regulations. By finding ways to help industry and nature work in harmony, we believe in providing products that benefit productivity and safety in the workplace.

If you cannot see the acid storage cabinet you need or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team, who will be happy to help you.

Long term protection

Even with the best handling and full compliance, acids and other chemicals can become increasingly hazardous when stored over time. Using a sealed, acid-resistant chemicals cabinet provides the best safeguard against long-term corrosion from leaking or only partially-sealed containers. Double or triple layers of protection, using separately sealed and lockable segregated compartments within your acid cabinet, means that even if the outer casing of a corrosive chemical should fail, you are still protected from dangerous breaches into the atmosphere and exposure to incompatible substances.

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