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IBC Tote Stands & Dispensing Stations

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Are you looking to streamline your dispensing operations? Look no further than DENIOS and our range of IBC tote stands and dispensing stations. We offer innovative spill containment platforms with a generous 385-gallon (1,457 Liters) sump, providing optimal clearance for convenient and safe dispensing from IBC Totes.

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Tote Stands and Dispensing Stations

Safely decant with our dispensing System

Safely dispense from IBC Totes on a platform over a 385-gallon (1,457 Liters) spill containment sump. The extra depth of the dispensing outlet allows clearance in the front of the IBC to attach dispensing valves and hoses. Combine the Dispensing Platform, Splashguard, and Dispensing Stand to create a customized storage and dispensing system.

 385-gallon (1,457 Liters) sump volumes exceed EPA & UFC requirements

 Accessories include:

  • Splash guard: Protect workers and surrounding areas from dangerous chemicals.

  • Dispensing Stand: IBC Totes are elevated 20" and sloped forward 3 degrees to dispense efficiently.

  • Dispensing Platform: This 73" deep platform gives 18" of space to dispense from IBC Totes safely into containers placed on the dispensing ledge to catch any leaks or drips

Benefits of Using Dispensing Stations

Prevent Waste: These dispensing units help prevent waste, allowing you to reuse drums or IBCs with the same chemicals, reducing the need for frequent deliveries and minimizing your environmental impact.

  • Workplace Safety: By containing spills and utilizing suitable tubes, pipes, and fittings, dispensing stations enhance workplace safety, particularly when handling hazardous materials

  • Accurate Measurements: Achieve precise measurements with a dispensing station, reducing waste and maintaining product quality using the right amount of chemicals.</li>

  • Cost-Effective: Enjoy cost savings by minimizing waste and spills, using chemicals more efficiently, and optimizing manufacturing processes.

  • Better Organization: DENIOS Dispensing Stations contribute to a more organized work floor by segregating hazardous chemicals from other liquids, promoting a neater and more efficient workspace.

DENIOS is committed to providing dispensing systems that meet your business requirements. We offer plans made of steel or polyethylene, ensuring durability and compliance with necessary regulations and laws. Our hazard material storage and dispensing products are designed to create a safe workplace for your employees while optimizing your processes.

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