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Struggling with the safe and efficient transfer of liquids from drums in your workplace? DENIOS has your solution! Our premium selection of drum pumps includes manual, electric, and pneumatic options tailored for various applications. DENIOS drum pumps provide safe, controlled dispensing to enhance operational efficiency and are suitable for hazardous liquids, chemicals, oils, or routine fluids. Browse our extensive range to select the pump best suits your requirements and see how DENIOS can transform your liquid transfer methods.

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Safe and Efficient Dispensing for Every Application with DENIOS Drum Pumps

The Ideal Drum Pump for Every Requirement

Prevent spills and guarantee safe, efficient liquid transfer with DENIOS Drum Pumps. Our range includes manual, electric, and pneumatic pumps to meet your requirements and applications. Whether it's hazardous liquids, chemicals, oils, or other materials, DENIOS offers the perfect solution.

Exceptional Versatility: Designed for unparalleled versatility, DENIOS drum pumps can manage liquids across a spectrum of viscosities, from thin mineral oils to thick substances such as coolants or adhesives. Additionally, we offer pumps tailored for different media groups, including:

  • Acids & alkalis

  • Fuels & oils

  • Solvents & paints

  • High-viscosity substances (including solids-containing media)

  • Foodstuffs

The Perfect Drum Pump for Every Need

DENIOS manual drum pumps facilitate the safe dispensing, pumping, and transferring of liquids from drums and barrels, even in hazardous areas.

Liquids vary significantly in viscosity and chemical properties. Our extensive range ensures the availability of the appropriate pump for any viscosity. Regardless of the medium or container, DENIOS offers pumps specifically designed for the medium they support, guaranteeing longevity and consistent pumping performance.

Adapters ensure precise fitting to bungs. Stainless steel hand pumps enable the secure transfer of flammable liquids or chemicals. Polypropylene pumps are durable against weak acids, alkalis, and cleaning agents. Additionally, earth cables with Atex certification are available to eliminate explosion risks due to static accumulation.

Pumps are essential for custom-filling hazardous substances, such as transferring from a large to a smaller container, where tilting the drum to pour could result in spills.

The Right Drum Pump for Applications Across Industries

At DENIOS, we place the utmost importance on safety and efficiency. Our drum pumps come with features designed to guarantee both safe and efficient handling, such as:

- Stainless steel construction for those dealing with flammable substances or chemicals

- Earth cables with ATEX certification to eliminate static accumulation and reduce explosion risks

- Adapters tailored for a perfect fit across different drum bung sizes

DENIOS drum pumps serve a critical role in a wide range of industries, proving especially useful in:

- Chemical Processing

- Petrochemical Production

- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

- Food and Beverage Processing

- General Manufacturing

Among various other applications!

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DENIOS Drum Pumps: Optimized for Hazardous Substances and Diverse Applications

Pumps are tailored to meet specific requirements, optimized for various hazardous substances, and available in multiple designs. Whether for drums or containers, electric drum pumps or compressed air pumps, standard configurations, or explosion-proof models, our pumps are designed to handle the product's viscosity and aggressive materials efficiently. With the right pump, all workplace applications are adequately addressed.

The DENIOS lineup caters to industrial needs, offering:

  • Laboratory pumps for dispensing small amounts of acids and alkalis, available in battery-operated and electric models

  • Drum and container pumps

  • Double diaphragm pumps for handling acids and alkalis in demanding industrial environments, available individually or as a complete set for 200-liter drums.

  • Mixing pumps for 1000-liter IBCs, ideal for media that tend to settle, allowing mixing and pumping with the same unit

  • Drum and container pumps, as well as double diaphragm pumps for the mineral oil industry, offered as individual items or complete sets, with flow meters if needed.

  • Pumps for use in hazardous areas, available with electric or compressed air drives, and optional pumping stations for optimal emptying.

  • Double diaphragm pumps and flow meters designed for hazardous environments

  • High-capacity container pumps and dry-run centrifugal pumps for draining floor sumps.


Adapters ensure precise fitting of bungs. Stainless steel hand pumps facilitate the safe pumping of flammable liquids or chemicals. Polypropylene pumps resist weak acids, alkalis, and cleaning agents. Earth cables with Atex certification mitigate explosion risks from static accumulation and are available as individual accessories.

Shop DENIOS Drum Pumps today! Discover the ideal drum pump to optimize your liquid transfer operations and maintain safety in the workplace. Explore our range online or reach out for professional guidance.

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