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We support manufacturing industries worldwide across a wide variety of sectors. You benefit from our decades of experience and knowledge. It all started with a simple, but innovative, product idea: the spill pallet. Today, our product range has more than 12,000 items, all designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our customers get innovative and high-caliber solutions for hazardous materials storage and handling. Protection of people, the environment, and your business leads our work.

Market Leader for Hazardous Materials Storage and Work Safety

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Storage & Barriers Solutions

We have solutions for larger space requirements, like cabinets and containers. To find out more go to 'Storage & Barriers Solutions'.

Hazardous Material Storage - The Expert View

DENIOS is a global brand at the forefront of hazardous storage, environmental protection, and health and safety at work. Based in Louisville, Kentucky e offer a comprehensive range of hazmat products to meet your business needs.

Stay safe with DENIOS through our range of chemical storage cabinets, safety cabinets, or gas cylinder storage. We offer small storage units: from IBC storage containers to gas cylinder cages, to hazardous storage cabinets. Our product range also includes flammable storage cabinets as well as products for drum storage, IBC storage, chemical storage, and gas cylinder storage. Our flammable storage containers are fully compliant with REI 120 standards with up to 120 minutes of fire resistance.

Production and Operating Equipment

Often hazardous materials need to be handled and dispensed, as well as stored, with care.

Drum handling equipment like drum pumps or laboratory pumps ensures this process is completed safely. From storing drums safely on spill pallets, sump pallets, or in drum storage cabinets, or equipment for maneuvering drums such as drum grippers, drum turners, or mobile sumps - you can rely on 35 years of expertise with DENIOS.

Our spill kits and absorbents range ensure hazardous substances are retained and managed safely if an accident occurs. Looking for more? We also offer IBC mixers, IBC heating jackets, tipping skips, and portable fuel dispensers - making your daily operations as smooth and safe as we can.

Work Safety and Industrial Requirements

When personal safety at the workplace is at stake, effective emergency provision plays an important role. From first aid boxes to an emergency shower, DENIOS offers a wide range of products so that you are equipped for every eventuality. Add in robust PPE protective equipment and many of your health and safety needs can be met by DENIOS quality products.

Our thermal engineering range supplies everything you need for safe and reliable heat treatment in the production process. From drum heaters to heated boxes and chambers, all are designed and manufactured by DENIOS to meet your requirements.

Capturing harmful substances at the workplace means protecting the workforce from harmful emissions such as smoke, dust, aerosols and other particles.

To protect your workforce from harmful emissions such as smoke, dust, and aerosols DENIOS provides extraction benches and multi-task workstations.

Cleaning and Waste Disposal

When solvent-based cleaning materials are used on components, the emissions can be harmful to health, so DENIOS has developed cleaner units such as Dip Tanks.

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