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Waste Oil Equipment

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DENIOS US offers a range of waste oil equipment to prevent oil spills effectively and ensure the safe handling of oil waste. Discover our selection of oil waste containers, including oil disposal, storage, and collection containers. Explore our variety of transport drain pans and poly oily waste containers, tailored to meet your specific requirements for efficient oil waste management.

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Prevent Oil Spills with DENIOS Waste Oil Containers

Comprehensive Waste Oil Solutions for Spill Prevention

Oil spill prevention is made more accessible with DENIOS CA's waste oil container products. Our range includes storage tanks, disposal tanks, multi-collectors, and waste oil collectors, available in 249 to 1,997 litres (66 to 528 gallons). Trust DENIOS for reliable and compliant waste oil container solutions to maintain a clean and safe working environment.

DENIOS offers diverse waste oil equipment for spill prevention and secure oil waste management. Their range includes oil disposal containers, transport drain pans, and poly oily waste containers. DENIOS provides storage tanks, disposal tanks, and collectors ranging from 249 to 1,997 litres (66 to 528 gallons), ensuring compliant solutions for maintaining a safe work environment. Their hazardous material collectors cater to various substances constructed from steel or plastic. DENIOS ensures efficient containment and flexible handling based on specific needs, from fluid intake trays to open or closed collectors. Mobile collectors with wheels provide easy and secure oil transportation, promoting responsible fluid management.


DENIOS offers a range of hazardous material collectors specifically designed to accommodate different stored substances. These collectors are constructed from either steel or plastic, providing optimal suitability for recovering oils, fuel oil, diesel fuel, and lubricants.

Waste oil and coolant trays are the ideal solutions for fluid intake, especially when permanent installations are not required. These trays are designed to collect fluids, ensuring proper containment efficiently.

DENIOS also provides waste oil and coolant collectors in open and closed designs, offering flexibility based on your specific needs. These collectors are available in various collection volumes, allowing you to choose the capacity that suits your requirements.

To facilitate safe and environmentally responsible handling of oils, our waste oil collectors with wheels and castors are a perfect choice. These mobile collectors enable easy movement and transportation while ensuring secure containment of the oils.

Discover the versatility and efficiency of DENIOS waste oil and coolant collectors, designed to meet your specific needs for proper fluid management.

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