Hazardous Material Storage

Non-Occupancy Chemical Storage Buildings

DENIOS is the pioneer in the development of Drum and IBC Non-Occupancy Storage Buildings as a safer and more efficient alternative to Walk-In/Occupancy buildings for chemical storage. The Non-Occupancy design of these buildings, featuring full-face opening door styles, allows all materials to be moved via forklift, relieving personnel from having to enter a potentially hazardous environment.

DENIOS manufactures the widest variety of styles of Non-Occupancy Buildings available on the market today. Choose between single- or multi- tiered designs with either single- or double-sided access. Non-Occupancy buildings are suitable for indoor or outdoor placement and provide complete physical separation of stored chemicals from the surrounding facility and/or  from other imcompatible chemicals or ignitions. 

Sizes and Styles:

  • 48 standard configurations of base models
  • Individual storage bays sized for 2 or 3 pallets of drums or IBCs
  • Bays are arranged in configurations offering single-, double-, or triple-tier heights
  • Models are available with single-sided or double-sided access (back-to-back bays) 
  • All units are built to accommodate outdoor placement 

Common Applications for Non-Occupancy Buildings:

  • Segregated indoor or outdoor storage of flammable or other process chemicals 
  • Separation of flammable liquids from general warehousing areas
  • Temperature controlled outdoor storage of raw materials
  • Higher volume waste accumulation and storage areas

Occupancy Chemical Storage Buildings

DENIOS Occupancy Chemcial Storage Building designs provide more storage flexibility, enhancing the efficiency of the structure over competitive models. Choose from over 25 standard sizes to provide the optimal space for storing your hazardous chemicals or processes. 

Designed for occupancy by personnel, DENIOS also provides numerous options to enhance safety, efficiency, and security in all our Occupancy Buildings. Most models are FM Approved. 

Sizes and Styles: 

  • Available in 8, 10, and 12 foot widths with lengths from 8 to 52 feet
  • All units are built to accommodate indoor or outdoor placement. 
  • Door styles include hinged or roll-up and can be designed in multiple configurations
  • Non-Combustible, Fire Rated, and Temperature Controlled models available 

Popular Applications: 

  • Process Enclosures: Pumping, Mixing, Dispensing, Paint Kitchen
  • Remote Storage: Waste Collection, Fuel Dispensing
  • Agricultural Chemical Storage: Parks and Recreation, Golf Courses
  • Secured Storage and Separation: Toxic, Dangerous, Valuable Materials
  • HazMat Storage of drums handled by hand
  • Fuel Component Enclosures
  • Battery Testing Enclosures

Chemical Storage Lockers

DENIOS's provides business and industry with the most complete Chemcial Storage Locker program available. Designed for small volume outdoor storage of drums and totes, DENIOS manufactures a variety of models; from secured, basic storage of non-combustible chemicals to more robust designs for hazardous applications, including 2-hour fire rated construction. 

The majority of DENIOS Lockers are FM Approved. 

Sizes & Styles: 

  • Locker capacities from 2-14 drums, 1-2 IBC Totes
  • All units are built to accommodate outdoor placement.
  • Door styles vary and include hinged doors and roll-up doors
  • Locker and door heights allow added headroom for attachment of mixers and pumps for dispensing/processing 
  • Non-Combustible, fire rated, and/or temperature controlled models available

Common Applications:

  • Outdoor storage of small volumes of hazardous chemicals
  • Rail, marine, truck and DOT terminals, storing/dispensing lubricants and oils
  • Parks, turf, and nursery centers for storage of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Temperature controlled outdoor storage of raw materials
  • Hazardous waste accumulation centers



Safety Storage Cabinets

DENIOS offer a wide range of safety cabinets for a variety of stored chemicals. Our portfolio of chemical storage includes acid storage, paint storage cabinets, flammable storage, and pesticide storage. 

All DENIOS hazardous liquids cabinets have one thing in common: long-term investment security for the customer through the fabrication of high-quality materials, proven concepts and tested performance. Most cabinets carry FM Approval. Additional shelves, drip trays, pull-out shelves available accessories.

Ideal for use in laboratories, stores, warehouses and anywhere where hazardous liquids need to be stored safely and securely, safety cabinet provides the highest level of security while enabling effective work processes. 

Spill Pallets & Sumps

DENIOS offer a wide range of spill pallets and sumps for the safe and secure storage of clean and waste oils, fuels, chemicals and other hazardous liquids and offer the necessary protection for storing water hazardous substances in accordance with HSE legislation.

DENIOS spill pallets are the ideal solution for storing smaller quantities of hazardous materials in factories, garages and work areas. We manufacture a wide range of chemical pallets and sumps to accommodate different requirements from simple drum storage and dispensing to internal transportation to storing drums and IBCs and protecting large areas in the plant or factory.

At DENIOS we offer steel spill pallets for the storage of flammable or water hazardous substances and poly and stainless steel sump pallets for the storage of aggressive chemicals (acids and alkalis). All our poly sump pallets are manufactured using a rotational molding procedure.

Spill containment pallets safeguard against unintentional spills as well as leaks. DENIOS US provides secondary containment options that adhere to OSHA in addition to EPA standards. Guard your area and staff against the conceivable hazards brought on when main liquid storage containers seep or become ruptured. In the event, you keep dangerous liquids in drums, or totes.



Hazmat Racking & Shelves

Our storage racks are characterised by their versatility, as the assembly shelves and spill trays can be combined to suit individual applications. Drum racks are ideal for the storage and dispensing of oils, paints, inks, detergents, acids, alkalis and other aggressive chemicals in and out of barrels.

The storage racks can be transported using a forklift truck. Spill trays with 58 or 116 gallons capacities have been approved for all water pollution classes and for flammable liquids (OSHA). Up to three drum storage racks can be stacked on top of each other.

Depending on the nature of the stored substance steel or PE spill trays can be supplied with the drum racking system for below the shelf to ensure safe dispensing. The barrel racks are made of a robust steel construction and are easy and quick to assemble.

Hazardous material shelving and racking systems including containment shelving for small containers and pallet racking systems for drums and IBCs offer safe and compliant solutions for storing and dispensing hazardous materials without having to worry about leaks and drips.

We have an extensive range of shelving and racking options which are designed for a wide variety of applications.

The range of hazardous substances shelves that DENIOS offer is designed to suit a wide variety of uses. Stackable racks and drum racks are used in all applications where hazardous substances in drums and small containers must be stored and dispensed safely.

Spill pallets made of steel or polyethylene are perfectly matched to the different properties of the stored media. Shelf trays made of steel or plastic are available in two versions: for laying on the shelf trusses or directly on the floor. Steel shelf trays are suitable for the storage of water-hazardous substances and flammable liquids whilst polyethylene shelf trays are used for the storage of acids and alkalis. DENIOS produce trays for all standard shelf widths and these are available with galvanized steel grating or grating made of polyethylene.

Storing Hazardous Materials