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Hazardous material storage

DENIOS Ltd is the leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of environmental protection products, hazardous materials storage products, and health and safety products for the industrial workplace. We offer a spectrum of different equipment types while providing professional advice, giving you real value for your money.

DENIOS Ltd offers a very diverse group of products for storing hazardous substances that provide the correct solution for environmental protection, tackling virtually every problem posed by hazardous materials that industrial companies must deal with. We also provide specialized engineering services to assist in nullifying issues facing individual customers in the area of hazardous material storage technology, and we are dedicated to developing custom resolutions for our customers’ unique operational requirements.

Products for storing hazardous materials

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Safe handling of hazardous substances

Storage of your hazardous substances with DENIOS

The legislation speaks of the storage of hazardous substances as soon as quantities of chemicals are kept that exceed the daily requirement. Different legal and technical specifications apply to the storage of hazardous substances indoors and outdoors. DENIOS also offers the right hazardous materials store for your company and your spatial situation.

 Your advantages:

  • Large range of products for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fire, chemical and weather resistant
  • Flexible range of accessories fully assembled delivery

DENIOS has a wide range of collection trays for storing hazardous substances indoors, which are available in acid- and alkali-resistant plastic or in fireproof metal, depending on the chemical to be stored. Many models can be driven under with a forklift or pallet truck and can be easily moved during operation. In addition to these open storage areas for hazardous materials, DENIOS also has cabinets for hazardous materials in its range.

For the storage of hazardous materials outdoors, it is not only important to reliably catch the hazardous materials in the event of leakage, but also to protect them from the effects of the weather. Here the DENIOS program ranges from the simple polymer box for small quantities to spacious steel containers and large storage areas for hazardous materials with covered intermediate areas. Here, too, the type of hazardous substance in the warehouse is decisive for the design, but so are other criteria, such as safety distances.

Our product range

Safety Storage Cabinets

Ideal for use in laboratories, stores, warehouses, and anywhere where hazardous liquids need to be stored safely and securely. A Safety cabinet provides the highest level of security while enabling effective work processes. Most cabinets carry FM approval and additional shelves, drip trays, and pull-out shelves are available.

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HazMat Stations

Storage hazardous (HazMat) material stations, whether you store 2 or 4 drums, jugs, safety cans, or small containers, you can have practical access and safety in a single product.

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Gas Cylinder Storage

DENIOS produces products for gas cylinder storage and handling that reliably meet basic requirements such as adequate ventilation and access protection for unauthorized persons.

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Fire Rated Cabinets

When storing flammable liquids a DENIOS flammable storage cabinet is the ideal solution. Available in a variety of widths and sizes with versatile features which include height-adjustable shelves, slide out spill trays and an integrated exhaust air system, our flammable storage cabinets can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

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Poly Cabinets

DENIOS Poly Cabinets allow you to store aggressive substances in laboratories, schools, institutes and universities. Small Poly Cabinets can be used for the storage of oils, acids and alkalis and have a high chemical resistance because they are manufactured entirely from environmentally friendly polyethylene.

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Lithium Ion Storage and Charging Cabinets

DENIOS Lithium-Ion Storage and Charging cabinets for the safe storage of lithium-Ion batteries. Our storage cabinets offer All-around protection: 90-minute fire protection from the outside.With tested, liquid-tight spill sump (powder-coated sheet steel). For containment of any leaks from burning batteries.

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More information


Leak emergency plan in 10 steps

Any facility that uses, processes, or stores hazardous materials should have an emergency spill clean-up plan in place. The DENIOS 10-point emergency plan guides you safely and systematically through the leak clean-up process.

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Act Correctly in the event of an Oil Spill

In the event of an oil leak or a major oil accident, quick action is required - because there is a risk of damage to the environment and the risk of accidents for employees. In our FAQ "What to do in the event of an oil spill" we give you answers on what you can and must do so that you are well prepared and an oil leak does not turn into an oil disaster.

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Risk assessment for gases

There are many hazards associated with handling gases - but with the right knowledge, risks can be effectively minimized. We provide you with guidance on how to approach a risk assessment for gases.

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Checklist How to store gas cylinders correctly outdoors

Our checklist shows you how to choose the right location for your gas cylinder storage facility and design it in compliance with the law, how to ensure safe operation on a day-to-day basis, and which maintenance and inspection obligations must be complied with.

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