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Spill Control

Hazardous materials storage has many facets. At DENIOS, you benefit from Canada's largest selection of certified products for storing and handling hazardous substances. Our customized solutions guarantee legally compliant and efficient storage of flammable, oxidizing, toxic, or water-polluting substances.

Spill Control

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Spill Control Products

Spill Control Products

DENIOS has many spill control products to assist you in small spills to large area spill containment.


Small leaks or spills are more than housekeeping issues; they are a liability. Sorbents are an effective way to quickly contain and clean up these accidents before they become problems. DENIOS offers a complete line of DENSORB Fine Fiber Sorbents. Individual products include Rolls, Pads, Pillows, Socks, or Booms and are all available in Universal, Oil-Only, or HazMat categories.

  • Universal
  • Oil-Only
  • HazMat

Drip Trays

Because some of the worst stuff comes in small packages! Especially conceived for containing drips and spills from smaller volume containers commonly used in a wide variety of facilities. Drip Trays can be used to store liquids on workbenches, laboratory counters or on existing storage shelves for added protection. Available in Stainless Steel or Poly.

Spill Kits

React to spills quickly and safely with our emergency spill kits. DENIOS has options to fit your needs. We carry Spill kits for small or remote spills, Speciality Kits that are designed for transportation, as well as 50-96 Gallon Drum Overpack Spill kits for larger spill response needs. If you need something more mobile, the Portable Sorbent Caddy or our Spill Cart allows you to easily move your supplies to the spill area with ease.


Chemical Absorbants

Absorbent materials absorb spilled liquids and bind them in their structure, making them easier to dispose of. Classic areas of use are in the manufacturing industry or fire brigade and disaster control operations. Whenever oils, chemicals or other hazardous substances could endanger work safety, disrupt work processes or enter the environment, absorbent materials should be kept close at hand. With DENSORB®, DENIOS has put together a broad range of absorbent materials that meet all these applications.

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DENSORB® absorbent materials are available in Oil, Universal and Special variants. DENSORB® Oil is used for absorbing oils and other hydrocarbon-based liquids. Water is not absorbed, making DENSORB® Oil suitable for use in water. Alternatively, granules for oil absorption are available. DENSORB® Universal is ideal for absorbing coolants, solvents, emulsions and other non-aggressive liquid chemicals. For the absorption of acids and alkalis, use DENSORB® Special. The absorbent mats absorb aggressive chemicals and are particularly useful if unsure which substance has leaked.

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Spills and Leaks response

No matter how well substances are organized or how efficient the workforce is, spills can happen anywhere and must be swiftly contained and cleaned. Even the most innocuous substance can be a slip hazard. Other liquids can stain or damage premises, and the most severe spills may involve chemicals, biohazardous waste or other substances hazardous to the health of both those on the premises and beyond. Putting preventative measures in place and practicing prompt spill management will reduce the likelihood and impact of these spills, thereby avoiding injury or environmental contamination.

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Spill Kits

Store in work areas that are prone to accidents to provide complete protection in the event of an emergency. Comes in a variety of sizes and Universal, Oil-Only, and HazMat - depending on your needs.

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