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Drum Handling

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The right drum-handling equipment protects your workers and significantly boosts your productivity and operational efficiency. A wide range of drum handling solutions, from drum dollies and carts to drum lifters, tippers, and tilters, are available to meet your facility's specific needs.

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Improve safety and efficiency in your facility with top-of-the-line drum handling equipment

Drum dollies and carts: Easy movement for your drums

The way you move drums around your facility is important. Drum dollies are a simple yet essential tool for transporting drums. They are designed to be easy to use and provide a stable platform for moving drums of various sizes and weights. With solid construction and smooth-rolling wheels, drum dollies make it easy to move heavy drums around your facility, even in tight spaces. This improves efficiency and reduces strain on workers.

Drum lifters: Safety and efficiency when lifting drums

Drum lifters are vital to modern drum handling. They come in various configurations and can be used independently or as attachments for forklifts. Drum lifters securely grip drums, minimizing the risk of accidents during lifting. These tools are essential for industries that frequently lift, lower, and move drums, providing a safe and efficient material storage and handling solution.

Drum tippers and tilters: Precise control when pouring drum contents

When you need to empty drum contents for mixing, disposal, or other processes, drum tippers and tilters are ideal. Drum tippers allow for controlled pouring of liquids while reducing strain on workers. Drum tilters offer similar functionality with even more control over the pouring process. These tools are essential in chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries, where large volumes of liquids or granular materials need to be dispensed precisely and efficiently without spills.

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Innovative design for safety and productivity

Modern drum handling equipment is designed with safety and productivity in mind. Ergonomically designed handles, easy-to-operate controls, and robust construction ensure that these tools not only boost productivity but also prioritize worker safety. By reducing the manual effort required for drum handling, these tools also minimize the risk of workplace injuries.

Solutions to meet any industrial need

Every industry has different drum handling needs. That's why DENIOS offers a wide range of drum handling equipment to suit any application, in addition to helping you plan your drum storage and handling. Whether you need a drum dolly to move a single drum across a shop floor or a forklift-mounted barrel lifter to take multiple drums from a high shelf, DENIOS has the equipment to meet the scale and complexity of your operation. This variety of drum handling solutions ensures a tool specifically designed to make the process safer, more ergonomic, and more efficient, regardless of the task – lifting, rotating, or transporting drums.

An intelligent investment in safety and efficiency

Choosing high-quality drum handling equipment, like the DENIOS range, is an investment in operational efficiency and workplace safety. Durable materials, reliable performance, and compliance with safety standards make these tools a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Implementing the right drum-handling equipment is a big step toward creating a safer and more efficient workplace. From efficient drum transportation with dollies to precise control with tilters, these tools play a critical role in streamlining operations and improving safety in modern industrial facilities. Explore the DENIOS range today to see how these solutions can revolutionize your drum handling processes.

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