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Containment Berms and Spill Decking

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DENIOS CA provides various surface protection solutions for work areas during filling and transferring operations. These solutions are available in poly and steel materials, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs and requirements.

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Safeguard Against Unintentional Spills

Containment Berms and Spill Decking

DENIOS offers a range of bottom collectors and elements to prevent unwanted dripping and spraying losses while storing dangerous liquids. These solutions, available in steel and poly options, allow you to create approved warehouses by effectively containing spills and protecting the subsoil. Steel Spill Decking is made from heavy gauge galvanized steel, while Poly Spill Decking offers high resistance to acids, alkalis, and oils and is available with galvanized or PE grids to suit your specific needs.

Our spill containment berms are designed to simplify maintenance and facility cleanup by keeping spills from spreading into aisles and walkways. Their flexible and low-profile design allows them to accommodate any area quickly and can be relocated as needed. Installation is quick and easy, providing a convenient solution for spill containment in various settings.

Containment solutions for different applications

DENIOS specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to prevent leakage and spillage while handling hazardous liquids. Their range includes bottom collectors and specialized elements meticulously designed to curb unwanted dripping and spraying losses during refilling and filling processes. These precision-engineered collectors and components serve as a formidable defence, effectively containing even the slightest spills, safeguarding against potential damage to the subsoil, and curbing environmental hazards.

These innovative solutions extend beyond containment, transforming entire spaces or specific areas into compliant, secure warehouses. By employing DENIOS' technology, these areas gain approval for storing hazardous liquids, meeting stringent safety standards while ensuring a safe environment. This comprehensive approach offers peace of mind by significantly reducing risks associated with handling dangerous substances.

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