Containment Berms & Spill Decking

Protect Small Areas or Whole Rooms with Containment Berms & Spill Decking

Whenever dangerous liquids are stored, unwanted dripping and spraying losses can occur during refilling and filling. Even the smallest amounts can already make a cost-intensive renovation of the subsoil necessary. With bottom collectors and elements from DENIOS, entire rooms or even partial areas can be made into approved warehouses.

Choose between steel and poly options. Steel Spill Decking is made out of heavy gauge galvanized steel. Poly Spill Decking offers a high resistance to acids, alkalis and oils and is available with galvanized or PE grids.

  • Simplifies maintenance and facility cleanup
  • Keeps spills from aisles and walkways 
  • Flexible, low-profile design accommodates any area
  • Easily relocated
  • Easy to install