IBC Spill Pallets

DENIOS US Spill Containment Pallets and Sumps are the icons in the industry for compliant containment and long-term service. With a variety of sump capacities available, our range of poly spill pallets are ideal for dealing with any aggressive chemicals you are storing on site and conform to all regulatory requirements. They have been manufactured to be oil, acid and alkali resistant and corrosion free thanks to the lack of steel components. The steel spill pallets is approved for the storage of water-hazardous substances and flammable liquids. They come in Painted Steel, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless Steel finishes.

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Steel Spill Sumps with Heavy Gauge Steel

In many companies, it's about As oils or paints safe and comfortable to store. Often such substances are needed at different locations in the company. To meet these requirements, DENIOS has designed a range of spill sumps and pallets and IBCs made of galvanized and painted steel. They provide security when it comes to the storage of flammable and water-polluting substances. At DENIOS you will find the right steel drip tray for every desired storage volume: from 1-drum storage to twelve 55-gallon drums. From a pallet for one IBC to one for eight IBCs.

Forklift pockets provide the necessary mobility and the drip tray can be safely and conveniently implemented as needed. Without forklift bags, the steel trays are suitable for placing on pallets or for ground-level storage. For steel drip pans without grate, the containers are placed directly in the drip tray, otherwise they are placed on the grate.

Poly IBC Tote Sumps

Our poly spill sumps can also be used anywhere you need spill protection for your IBCs. Being made from polyethylene, the products are able to carry a very heavy load.
Poly Spill pallets and sumps are great secondary containment products when storing and handling acids and corrosives. They also can be more economical than their steel counterparts, although they are not appropriate for storing flammable chemicals or placement in environments with a fire risk. They are a great solution for when primary containment fails and help protect against groundwater contamination.