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Drum Spill Pallets

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Protect Your Chemicals with DENIOS Drum Spill Pallets

When safeguarding your workplace and the environment from hazardous chemicals, DENIOS has you covered with a wide range of Drum Spill Pallets. Our steel and stainless steel spill pallets provide superior protection for storing aggressive chemicals in drums, ensuring safety and compliance. Let's dive into the world of spill containment with a touch of wit.

Ready to enhance safety and compliance in your workplace? Discover the perfect Drum Spill Pallet for your needs at DENIOS.

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Steel and Stainless Steel Drum Spill Pallets

Steel and Stainless Steel Drum Spill Pallets

At DENIOS CA, we proudly stand as the market leader in stainless steel spill pallets and sumps. Our 304 stainless steel models deliver compliant spill containment with options to choose between stainless steel and fibreglass grating. We've designed these pallets with your convenience in mind. You can quickly relocate them with integrated forklift access to efficiently handle and store hazardous substances. Our spill pallets are not just tough; they're smart too, constructed with durable 11-gauge steel and rigorously leak-tested to ensure top quality.

What sets us apart is the flexibility in capacities. Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, inline, 6, or eight drums. We believe in giving you options because safety should always be tailored to your needs.

Find the right steel spill pallet for your company

At DENIOS, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. We offer many galvanized and painted steel spill pallets for drums and IBCs. Our spill pallets provide safe and convenient storage for oils, paints, and other substances, ensuring you meet regulatory requirements and find peace of mind in your workplace. With options available for various storage volumes, from single drum storage to accommodating multiple drums or IBCs, DENIOS ensures the right solution for your needs. We prioritize safety when storing the most flammable substances, ensuring your workplace complies with the strictest standards. Your safety is our priority.

So, whether you're handling aggressive chemicals or flammable substances, DENIOS has the right Drum Spill Pallets for you. Discover our range and ensure that your workplace remains secure and compliant. Safety is our business, and it should be yours too.

Ready to enhance safety and compliance in your workplace? Discover the perfect Drum Spill Pallet for your needs at DENIOS. Explore our range of 1-drum spill containment pallets, 2-drum spill containment pallets, 4-drum spill containment pallets with drains, and more. Your tailored safety solution awaits.

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