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Transporting heavy drums can be a strenuous and hazardous job. Hydraulic drum lifting devices provide a secure and effective way to handle this task, reducing manual labor and safeguarding employees from harm. DENIOS offers an extensive selection of hydraulic drum lifters, dumpers, and grippers to ensure you have the appropriate equipment for any drum handling job.

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Effortless Drum Handling: Powerful Hydraulic Solutions from DENIOS

Discover the benefits of DENIOS's hydraulic drum handling equipment, designed for both durability and safety.

Our lifters feature:

- Robust solid steel construction for unparalleled strength

- Adjustable drum restraints to fit a range of drum sizes, from 30 to 85 gallons

- Foot-operated hydraulic pumps that enable easy lifting

- Safety mechanisms, including upper travel limit switches and emergency shut-offs

Our hydraulic drum dumpers facilitate controlled, clean material discharge, and our hydraulic drum grippers can be attached to forklifts for secure, efficient drum transport.

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Types of Hydraulic Drum Handling Equipment at DENIOS

DENIOS provides extensive hydraulic drum handling equipment tailored to meet your specific requirements. Take a closer look at some of the popular offerings:

  • Hydraulic Drum Lifters: These adaptable lifters elevate drums from the ground, facilitating easy transportation and placement. They are perfect for the loading and unloading of pallets, trucks, and various workstations.

  • Hydraulic Drum Dumpers: These devices efficiently discharge drum contents with controlled tipping, ideal for the safe and clean emptying of liquids and solids.

  • Hydraulic Drum Grippers: Designed to fasten to forklifts securely, these grippers enable effortless drum lifting and transportation. They allow operators to manage drums without exiting the forklift, enhancing safety and productivity.

  • Hydraulic Drum Tilters: Engineered to tilt drums to dispense contents in a controlled manner safely, they are well-suited for tasks that demand precise handling of materials.

DENIOS delivers the appropriate hydraulic solutions for any drum handling task to ensure safety and efficiency in your operations.


How do you move 55-gallon plastic drums?

Hydraulic drum trucks, which come in two-wheel or four-wheel configurations, are ideal for easy maneuvering. They offer stability and reduce manual effort.

What is drum handling equipment?

Hydraulic drum lifters are standalone machines with a lifting mast and gripping system. They use hydraulic power (manual or electric) to lift and move drums on pallets effortlessly.

What does a filled 55-gallon drum weigh?

A filled 55-gallon drum of water weighs around 500 pounds. The exact weight depends on the material inside the drum.

How do hydraulic lifters work?

Hydraulic lifters use a pressurized oil system to raise and lower a piston, allowing for smooth and powerful lifting of heavy drums.

What is a drum loader?

Low-profile drum lifters (loaders) are designed for situations where forklifts are unavailable. They allow for the safe loading and unloading of drums from pallets, trucks, and other raised surfaces.

Which types of equipment are used for drum handling?

Drum handling equipment encompasses tools like lifters, movers, dumpers, tilters, and grippers. Most are manually operated with hydraulic or electric assistance.

What is a drum gripper?

Drum grippers attach to forklifts, enabling secure grasping and lifting of steel drums (open or closed head) without leaving the operator's seat.

What is a drum dolly?

Drum dollies are wheeled platforms under drums, facilitating effortless movement across flat surfaces.

Do you have more questions about DENIOS's hydraulic drum handling equipment? Our experts are happy to help! Contact us today!

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