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Leak Control

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Slip and fall accidents are just as costly as containment violations, yet they can be easily avoided with a leak diverter. We offer plenty of sizes for every scenario or the ability to customize your unit based on your needs.

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Leak Control

Leak Diverter

They are highly chemically resistant and durable. We offer a variety of sizes for every scenario and have the ability to customize your unit based on your needs. All come complete with a standard 3/4" drain to divert liquids to a safe spot.

This product is available in various convenient sizes and has a standard ¾” drain to divert liquids to a safe spot.

  • 10' or 25' clear hose available

  • Bungee cords for securing in place included

  • Edges have grommets for proper positioning

  • Custom sizes available

  • High chemical resistance and durable design

Industries that need Spill & Leak Protection

There are several industries where spill control and containment are a necessity. These include the:

Food manufacturing industry: The food manufacturing industry has the responsibility of maintaining the environment and adhering to stringent hygiene standards. The industry uses hydrocarbon- and vegetable-based oils for fuel and cooking, and the risk of spillage is high. It requires absorbent materials to manage and contain spills even though strategies may be in place to prevent them.

Manufacturing and industrial sectors: Spills are everywhere in the manufacturing sector and can be expensive to clean up, resulting in severe time delays. The same also holds for industrial warehouses and factories, which have the legal obligation to offer storage for managing spills.

Construction industry: Accidental oil spills are common in the construction industry. The oil used for lubricating and operating machinery can cause contamination of water bodies and the environment if spills occur. Spill kits and DENSORB materials are therefore necessary in this industry.

Transportation industry: Oil and lubricant spills resulting from road accidents or occurring at distribution centers are a problem in the transport industry. This makes it mandatory for the industry to prevent spills and have adequate measures in place to manage and contain them.

Rupture Seal


Rupture Seal can be deployed in less than 20 seconds. Far faster (and cleaner) than competing products like wooden bungs or screw plugs. In the event of a leak or spill, response time is crucial to reduce environmental impact and the cost of cleanup.


When factoring in time of deployment, chemical and fuel compatibility and versatility when it comes to fast on-site solutions require little to no training. Rupture Seal is the best in class for plugging leaks.

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