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Spill and Leak Response

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Diverts spills and leaks from groundwater sources with the DENIOS Spill and Leak Protection products line. Choose from various covers, plugs, diverters, and quick leak response items.

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Swift Spill Response: Mitigating Hazards Effectively

Comprehensive Spill & Leak Protection Solutions

No matter how well substances are organized or how efficient the workforce is, spills can happen anywhere and must be swiftly contained and cleaned. Even the most innocuous substance can be a slip hazard. Other liquids can stain or damage premises, and the most severe spills may involve chemicals, biohazardous waste or other substances hazardous to the health of both those on the premises and beyond. Putting preventative measures in place and practicing prompt spill management will reduce the likelihood and impact of these spills, thereby avoiding injury or environmental contamination.

Within our range of products for handling hazardous materials, we stock several spill & leak protection products for many different sectors and types of businesses.

Industries that need Spill & Leak Protection

There are several industries where spill control and containment are a necessity. These include the:

Food manufacturing industry: The food manufacturing industry is responsible for maintaining the environment and adhering to stringent hygiene standards. The industry uses hydrocarbon- and vegetable-based oils for fuel and cooking, and the risk of spillage is high. It requires absorbent materials to manage and contain spills, even though strategies may be in place to prevent them.

Manufacturing and industrial sectors: Spills are everywhere in the manufacturing sector and can be expensive to clean up, resulting in severe time delays. The same also holds for industrial warehouses and factories, which have the legal obligation to offer storage for managing spills.

Construction industry: Accidental oil spills are every day in the construction industry. The oil used for lubricating and operating machinery can cause contamination of water bodies and the environment if spills occur. Spill kits and DENSORB materials are therefore necessary in this industry.

Transportation industry: Oil and lubricant spills resulting from road accidents or occurring at distribution centers are a problem in the transport industry. This makes it mandatory for the industry to prevent spills and have adequate measures to manage and contain them.

  • Rupture Seal
  • Leak Diverter
  • Drain Plug
  • Square Drain Cover

Within our range of products for handling hazardous materials, we stock several spill & leak protection products for many different sectors and types of businesses.

DENIOS Protection

There are sewer inlets everywhere on the company premises. To be able to react quickly and accurately in the event of leakage in buildings or outdoors, DENIOS offers a wide range of drain seals and accessories for every application.

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