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Work Platforms

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Elevate Work Safety with DENIOS Convenient Work Platforms

Industrial work platforms, elevated work platforms, mobile work platforms, adjustable work platforms, safety work platforms, and platform access equipment are essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of maintenance personnel. These versatile solutions quickly elevate workers to the required heights, providing a secure and stable platform for their tasks. Whether you need OSHA-compliant work platforms, portable work platforms, work platforms with guardrails, scissor lift work platforms, fall protection work platforms, multi-level work platforms, or heavy-duty work platforms, our range of options has you covered.

Our work platforms are designed to attach to forktrucks, allowing for easy transportation and positioning. By inserting the forks into the fork pockets and securely fastening the platform, you can ensure a reliable mode of transport. To enhance safety, our platforms feature guardrails, providing a protective barrier for workers. Additionally, some models include scissor lift mechanisms for adjustable height options.

With a focus on compliance and safety, our work platforms meet industry standards and regulations. We offer OSHA-compliant solutions to ensure a secure working environment for your team. Whether you need a portable and versatile solution or a heavy-duty platform for demanding tasks, our range of work platforms provides elevated work solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Learn more about our comprehensive range of work platforms and discover the ideal solution to elevate work safety and improve productivity.

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Work Platforms

Convenient Work Platforms from DENIOS quickly and safely raise maintenance personnel where they are needed. They attach to fork trucks by inserting forks into fork pockets and securing the platforms to fork trucks for easy transport. Fork locks secure the platform to forks, and a 91 cm (36") long safety restraint with a hook attaches the platform to the fork truck. A maximum of two people can be on the work platform at one time. Some models come with casters.

Features of a DENIOS Work Platform

Our work platforms come with a range of features, including:

  • Diamond plate platform for added stability

  • Usable fork pockets measuring 19.7 cm (7.75") W x 9.8 cm (3.875") H at the rear and 19.7 cm (7.75") W x 4.8 cm (1.875") H at the front

  • Uniform weight capacity of 454 kg (1,000 lb.), evenly distributed (maximum of 2 people)

  • Welded steel construction for durability

  • 107 cm (42") high handrail with a 53 cm (21") high mid-rail on three sides

  • 152 cm (60") high expanded metal backing on the fourth side (213 cm (84") high backing to meet California OSHA specifications for models with the suffix -84B)

  • Baked-in powder coating for enhanced toughness

  • Full-featured units include an Emergency Stop Button Kit and a Web Lanyard with Safety Harness.

Discover the reliability and functionality of DENIOS' work platforms, designed to elevate work safety and streamline maintenance operations. Ensure a safe working environment with our work platforms, emergency showers, eye washing stations, and other work safety solutions.

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