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Spill Kits

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Store in work areas that are prone to accidents to provide complete protection in the event of an emergency. Comes in a variety of sizes and Universal, Oil-Only, and HazMat - depending on your needs.

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Spill Kits

Spill Kits

React to spills quickly and safely with an Emergency Spill Kit from DENIOS. Choose from three types of sorbent contents: Universal, Oil-Only, and Hazmat for aggressive chemicals. They also come in various sizes and styles - caddies, carts, overpacks/transportable overpacks, bags, etc. from 5-gallon kits to 95-gallon ( 18-359 Liters).

DENSORB Absorbents

DENIOS has a number of spill control products to assist you in small spills to large area spill containment.

  • Universal
  • Oil Only
  • HazMat
  • Neutralizers

Spill Kits

DENIOS offers a wide range of emergency spill kits to enable a quick and safe response to spills. From spill kits for small or remote spills to specialty kits for transportation and 50-96 (189- 363 Liters) Gallon Drum Overpack Spill kits for more extensive spill response needs, we have options to suit your specific requirements. For enhanced mobility, our Portable Sorbent Caddy or Spill Cart allows easy transportation of supplies to the spill area, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Choose the right type for your application


Our Universal Absorbent is a versatile solution for general-purpose industrial or commercial cleanup. Made from Fine Fiber polypropylene, these sorbents effectively absorb oil- and water-based non-aggressive liquids. Whether routine maintenance, repair work, or areas prone to spills, drips, or leaks, these sorbents provide reliable and efficient cleanup capabilities.


Our Oil-Only Absorbents are designed with specially coated fibers that can selectively absorb oils, fuels, and other hydrocarbons while repelling water.


Our Hazmat Absorbents are specifically engineered to resist various chemicals, including acidic and basic liquids. They can quickly absorb water- and oil-based liquids, making them versatile for various spill scenarios. The absorbents are made using unique melt-blown technology, which ensures high absorbency and durable, tear-resistant construction, allowing for effective cleanup and containment of hazardous materials.

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