Chemical Storage Lockers

Fire Rated Hazmat Locker

Store Drums and Totes Safely with DENIOS. Chemical storage lockers for safe storage of chemicals and hazardous materials. Resists winds at 150 mph (90 mph models available upon request). 

Includes a spill compliant sump, meeting EPA and UFC requirements Lockable, hinged doors with inside release provides added safety for greater security, passive ventilation, resists up to 2 hours of fire.

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Chemical Storage Lockers

DENIOS CA Chemical Storage Lockers are designed to provide a safe, secure environment for storage, dispensing, and mixing of small volumes of chemicals. Featuring a weather-proof, lockable hinged lid and doors, they provide personnel easy access to the tops of drums and other stored chemicals for dispensing and mixing operations. When dispensing, any spills or drips are contained by a built-in, compliant spill sump.

They are constructed with durable 11 gauge welded steel construction. Each model provides a spill compliant sump underneath a galvanized grating platform. All models come standard with passive vents, exterior grounding lug, anchoring point, and a NFPA 704 placard.  Choose between blue, tan, or White painted finishes on Non-Combustible Lockers and 2 to 14 drums or 1 to 2 IBC totes. Door styles include hinged and roll-up. All models FM are Approved. Options available include lights, fire suppression, temperature control, mechanical ventilation, fiberglass grating and poly sump liners. Choose between blue, tan, or white painted finishes.