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Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers

Welcome to DENIOS, where we're dedicated to providing top-tier Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers that redefine safety standards in handling hazardous materials. Explore our meticulously engineered range of lockers, designed to meet the diverse storage needs of industries requiring secure and compliant solutions. Whether you're familiarizing yourself with the fundamental features of our lockers or delving into customization options tailored to your specific needs, we're here to assist you in selecting the ideal storage solution for your business. Whether your industry is manufacturing, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, or any other field where safe chemical storage is critical, DENIOS has you covered. Delve into our offerings and discover how our lockers can help fortify your workplace while ensuring adherence to regulations. Ready to take the next step in securing your hazardous materials? Reach out to us today to embark on the journey toward heightened safety and peace of mind.

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Deciphering Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers

Hazmat chemical storage lockers are specialized storage units designed to safely house hazardous materials, chemicals, and substances in various industrial settings. These lockers are utilized across a wide range of industries where the safe and compliant storage of such materials is paramount to ensure personnel safety and environmental protection.

The primary purpose of hazmat chemical storage lockers is to provide a secure environment for storing hazardous substances, including flammables, biowaste, pesticides, corrosive chemicals, and more. Controlling these materials within specially designed lockers minimizes the risk of accidents, spills, and exposure to harmful substances, thereby reducing the potential for injuries, environmental contamination, and regulatory non-compliance.

Features of DENIOS Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers

DENIOS Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers are meticulously crafted with features meticulously designed to guarantee maximum safety, compliance, and functionality. Here's a summary of the key features incorporated into our lockers:

  • Solid Steel Construction: Engineered with solid steel construction, our lockers provide unparalleled durability and security, ensuring robust protection for hazardous materials.
  • Spill-Compliant Sumps: Featuring spill-compliant sumps, our lockers are meticulously designed to contain leaks and spills, meeting regulatory standards and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Customizable Options: Tailor your lockers to precise specifications with our customizable options, including shelves, ramps, and fire suppression systems, enhancing storage efficiency and safety according to your needs.
  • Various Sizes and Styles: Accommodating diverse storage requirements, our lockers are available in various sizes and styles, capable of housing anywhere from 1 to 14 drums. Whether it's vertical drum pumping operations or IBC totes storage, we offer the perfect solution for your needs.
  • Heavy-Duty Galvanized Shelves: Supported by heavy-duty galvanized shelves, our self-supporting shelf system enhances efficiency and convenience for storing smaller containers.
  • Effortless Forklift Access: With forklift access from all four sides, relocation becomes effortless, facilitating easy transportation of the lockers within your facility.
  • Secure Lockable Hinged Doors: Providing enhanced security, our lockable hinged doors offer easy access to drums or containers stored inside the locker.
  • Weather-Resistant Exterior: Featuring a weather-proof exterior, our lockers ensure protection against the elements, ideal for outdoor storage applications.

Proven standard worldwide

DENIOS has over 38 years of engineering experience and is represented in over 20 countries in America, Europe, and Asia. The Chemical storage RFP is designed in Germany and manufactured in the USA.

Tailored Solutions: Customization Choices for DENIOS Chemical Storage Lockers


Selecting the right equipment is crucial for creating an optimal product setup. Rely on our seasoned professionals to work closely with you, tailoring a solution that perfectly matches your requirements. Enhance the functionality of your facilities with our wide array of add-ons, including:

State-of-the-Art Temperature Regulators

DENIOS employs cutting-edge temperature regulators for effortless programming of desired temperatures. Our advanced systems allow for easy adjustment and programming directly from the main control box on the container's exterior.

Dry Chemical Systems for Enhanced Safety

In containers storing both flammable and non-flammable substances, Dry Chem systems offer an added layer of safety. DENIOS provides both wet and dry system options to suit your specific needs.

Smoke/heat detectors & fire alarms

Protecting fireproof containers requires an early warning system. DENIOS utilizes certified multi-sensors for swift and reliable smoke and fire detection. These sensors can be complemented with sirens for added alertness. Moreover, our alarm systems seamlessly integrate with central alarm systems for comprehensive coverage.

The control technology is optimally matched to DENIOS chemical buildings. It triggers an optical and acoustic alarm in case of a deviation in measured data. In addition, automatic locking or extinguishing systems are activated, for example. All information is on the operating and display elements presented.

Air conditioning

Count on DENIOS engineering for meticulous temperature control solutions, including cooling units and air conditioning systems. Backed by our expertise, we guarantee tailored solutions to meet your exact requirements every time.


Ensuring the quality of various substances often demands precise heating. DENIOS offers heating systems utilizing electric or steam heat, tailored to meet your specific requirements with precision and reliability.

Fire dampers

DENIOS offers fire dampers equipped with automatic closing air vent mechanisms in applications necessitating air circulation. These dampers swiftly close upon detecting fire, effectively cutting off the oxygen supply to the container's fire source for enhanced safety.

If explosion protection is needed according to your assessment, we offer built-in components representing a source of sparks in an appropriate Ex version. Earthing devices (e.g., earthing rail) are optionally available for equipotential bonding.


For interior grounding. Provides the necessary equipotential bonding with an external pin as a connection.


Grounding bracket for equipotential bonding.

Gas warning equipment

Explosion-proof detector transmits LEL values. They are used for preventive fire and explosion protection.

Accessories images shown are for illustration purpose. Actual accessory may vary due to available options in North America.

Seeking Chemical Storage Solutions?

Explore more about your storage and containment requirements. Enjoy free complimentary product evaluation, whether on-site or virtual.

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DENIOS provides various Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers tailored to specific storage requirements. Our range encompasses solutions for every need, from the cost-effective K-Series Lockers designed for non-hazardous chemicals to the robust PK-Series and comprehensive N-Series models accommodating various drum capacities. Additionally, our IBC Tote Lockers address IBC tote storage needs, while our Specialty Lockers feature automatic closing roll-up doors for added safety. With options ranging from non-combustible to 2-hour fire-rated designs, DENIOS ensures businesses can confidently select the correct locker to meet their safety and compliance needs.


Selecting the appropriate size and style for your Hazmat Chemical Storage Locker involves careful consideration of specific storage requirements and operational needs. DENIOS offers a variety of locker sizes and styles tailored to accommodate different capacities and storage conditions. From the compact K-Series Lockers suitable for smaller quantities of non-hazardous chemicals to the versatile N-Series Lockers capable of accommodating larger drum capacities and featuring customizable options, there's a locker to suit every application. Additionally, our IBC Tote Lockers provide specialized storage solutions for IBC totes. At the same time, our Specialty Lockers offer unique features such as automatic closing roll-up doors for enhanced safety. By evaluating your storage needs and considering factors such as the type and quantity of hazardous materials you need to store, as well as any regulatory requirements, you can confidently choose the right size and style of Hazmat Chemical Storage Locker to ensure safety, compliance, and operational efficiency.


DENIOS Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers find versatile applications across various industries where safe and compliant storage of hazardous materials is essential. These lockers are utilized in manufacturing facilities, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical laboratories, oil and gas refineries, agricultural settings, and more. They provide a secure environment for storing various hazardous substances, including flammables, bio waste, pesticides, and corrosive chemicals. Whether you need to store drums, IBC totes, or smaller containers, DENIOS lockers offer versatile solutions to meet your storage needs. With features such as spill-compliant sumps, FM approval, and customizable options for fire suppression and temperature control, our lockers ensure the safety of personnel and compliance with regulatory standards in various industrial applications. From small-scale operations to extensive industrial facilities, DENIOS Hazmat Chemical Storage Lockers are trusted solutions for safeguarding personnel and the environment and maintaining regulatory compliance.


Maintaining workplace safety and regulatory compliance with CCOHS regulations hinges on proper hazardous chemical storage. CCOHS mandates specific guidelines for chemical storage to minimize risks. This includes storing hazardous chemicals below eye level, refraining from placing them on floors or window ledges, and ensuring containers remain closed when not in use. Proper segregation of chemicals based on compatibility is crucial, alongside clear labelling of corrosive cabinets for easy identification. Ventilation requirements for chemical storage rooms are also paramount, necessitating proper exhaust ventilation and explosion-proof forced ventilation for flammable materials to mitigate fire hazards and the release of hazardous fumes. Adhering to compatibility guidelines and storing incompatible chemicals separately is vital to safeguard personnel safety and maintain system integrity.


Establishing a hazmat storage area necessitates adherence to specific requirements to guarantee the safe handling and containment of hazardous materials. This encompasses storing chemicals in secure locations, below eye level, and refraining from placing them on floors, window ledges, or balconies. Hazardous chemicals should be stored in rated storage cabinets or safety cans to minimize risks. Furthermore, storage areas must be free from clutter, explosives, and conditions conducive to flammability. Proper ventilation, clear labelling, and segregation of materials based on compatibility are additional crucial components of hazmat storage area guidelines.

Hazmat Chemical Storage Limits

Comprehending the limitations and requirements for hazmat chemical storage is imperative to uphold safety regulations and avert workplace accidents or hazards. Storage limits for chemicals hinge on factors such as the type and volume of hazardous materials alongside available storage containers and facilities. Adhering to CCOHS guidelines and manufacturer specifications for storage cabinets, ventilation systems, and segregation of chemicals based on compatibility is pivotal in establishing safe storage limits. Moreover, routine monitoring and inspections of storage areas for compliance, coupled with implementing suitable safety measures, are essential for preventing incidents and fostering a secure working environment.

Seeking Chemical Storage Solutions?

Explore more about your storage and containment requirements. Enjoy free complimentary product evaluation, whether on-site or virtual.

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Seeking Chemical Storage Solutions?

Explore more about your storage and containment requirements. Enjoy free complimentary product evaluation, whether on-site or virtual.

Free consultation 1-905-551-9519
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