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Bulk Tanks

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Overcome your chemical storage hurdles with Denios' array of top-tier bulk tanks! This guide explores the realm of bulk tanks, aiding you in selecting the ideal option for secure and effective chemical storage. Whether you need substantial capacities for industrial purposes or compact chemical storage containers for precise usage, Denios provides a solution.

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Safe & Secure Chemical Storage: Explore Denios' Bulk Tanks

Bulk tanks are sturdy, reusable vessels engineered to safely store and transport large volumes of chemicals. These chemical storage tanks vary in size, material, and design to meet different industrial requirements. Below is an overview of some common bulk tank types available from Denios:

  • Poly Storage Tanks: Made from robust polyethylene, these plastic chemical storage containers suit various chemicals. They are available in several sizes, including a 350-gallon model with an open top for convenient mixing.

  • Double-Walled Bulk Tanks: These tanks feature a secondary containment wall for added safety, making them ideal for extreme conditions or storing hazardous substances. Denios provides double-walled bulk tanks in 1000-gallon and 150-gallon sizes.

  • Heavy-Duty Bulk Chemical Tanks: These tanks are designed for intense usage, built from high-density polyethylene to ensure utmost durability. With features such as 4-way forklift entry and pressure ratings, they are perfect for rigorous industrial tasks. The 330-gallon heavy-duty bulk chemical tank exemplifies this design.

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Conquer Chemical Storage Challenges: Selecting a Bulk Tank

Selecting the appropriate bulk tank requires careful consideration of various factors:

  • Chemical Compatibility: Verify that the tank material suits the chemicals you intend to store. Denios can help you choose the correct tank based on its chemical resistance.

  • Volume Requirements: Assess the amount of chemicals you plan to store and select a tank with the necessary capacity, keeping in mind your future needs.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Bulk tanks are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Opt for double-walled tanks for extra protection against environmental factors.

  • Safety Regulations: Comply with all applicable safety regulations related to the storage and handling of your chemicals, which may influence the choice of specific tank features or materials.

  • Additional Features: Consider stackability, filling and discharge mechanisms, and user-friendliness when choosing your tank.


What is a Chemical Container called?

Chemical containers are various vessels used for storing chemicals. Bulk tanks are larger, reusable containers designed for storing and transporting substantial volumes of chemicals.

What are the different types of bulk containers?

The common types of bulk containers include bulk tanks, such as those provided by Denios, IBC totes, and smaller plastic chemical storage containers.

How long do bulk containers last?

The durability of bulk containers varies based on the material, frequency of use, and maintenance. Typically, well-maintained plastic and steel containers can last several years.

Can bulk containers be stacked?

Stackability is a feature of some, but not all, bulk containers. Denios, for instance, has specific models of bulk tanks designed to be stackable, aiding in space-saving. However, verifying the weight capacity and stacking restrictions is crucial before stacking any containers.

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