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Gas Cylinder Storage

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Numerous materials are packaged as pressurized gas bottle storage, such as natural gases and volatile gases. The dangers related to these gasses include oxygen displacement, explosion hazards, toxic results, and the physical risks of a ruptured cylinder. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) references general requirements for compressed gasses in 29 CFR 1910.101.

Since pressurized gas cylinders pose a high risk, the proper storage of gas cylinders is essential. DENIOS produces gas cylinder storage and handling products that reliably meet basic requirements such as adequate ventilation and access protection for unauthorized persons.

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Storing Gas Cylinders

Customizable Gas Cylinder Storage: Safety-Compliant Solutions by DENIOS

Gas cylinders demand secure storage due to their potential hazards. DENIOS offers a diverse range of gas cylinder storage cages, configurable to individual requirements and compliant with safety regulations. These heavy-duty units accommodate various capacities, featuring adjustable chains, corrosion-resistant coatings, and options for flooring, shelves, and anchoring. Additionally, models with fire-resistant capabilities, separation walls, lockable doors, and hinged and sliding door variations ensure heightened safety measures. DENIOS also specializes in tailor-made solutions, offering custom-designed storage units to precisely match the demands of unique gas cylinders.

Ensuring Gas Cylinder Safety: DENIOS' Storage Solutions

Gas cylinders are potentially very dangerous, and safe storage is extremely important.

DENIOS manufactures Gas Cylinder storage cages in various configurations to match your specific needs. Don’t see what you need? DENIOS can custom design a unit for you!

DENIOS manufactures products to provide a secure method to store gas cylinders.

  • Heavy Duty Construction

  • Most models available with and without floors

  • Capacities from 5-96 cylinders

  • Construction meets OSHA and NFPA 55 regulations

  • Chains are adjustable to secure stored cylinders

  • Corrosion resistant coating

  • Knock-down styles are also available

  • 2-hr fire rated models

  • Separation walls available

  • Shelves available for gas bottle storage

  • Flooring options/forklift transport

  • Available anchor plates for securing structure

  • Lockable doors

  • More extensive models are available with Hinged and sliding doors.

DENIOS can also custom-design gas cylinder storage units to meet your specific needs.

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