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Drum Spill Containment

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Spill Pallets: Your Ultimate Solution for Drum Spill Containment

Regarding safeguarding the environment and your workplace, you need a reliable solution for drum spill containment. Look no further than spill containment pallets, also known as spill pallets. These ingenious creations are designed to prevent disasters while keeping your surroundings pristine.

Best Practices for Drum Spill Containment

Our spill containment pallets at DENIOS are crafted to meet or exceed spill-compliant requirements. Whether you opt for Poly solutions or Steel with a grate included, you can trust our products to deliver superior performance. They are perfect for handling 55-gallon drums as a secondary spill containment solution, including oil drum spill containment.

While steel and poly drums come in various sizes and capacities, our drum containment pallets base their sump volume on storing 55-gallon drums, Canada's most commonly used industrial drums.

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Drum Spill Containment Pallet

Which size or capacity do I need?

If your storage is permitted in water protection areas, it's crucial that the entire storage quantity can be retained. In our assortment, you'll find the suitable drip tray for small containers or the perfect spill pallet for drums and IBCs for every possible application. To aid your decision-making, you can use our online guidebook, and our expert advisors are always ready to assist with any questions or uncertainties.

Spill Capacity

Compliant spill capacity is based on the EPA's 40 CFR part 264.175(b), which states that the containment system must have sufficient capacity to contain 10% of the container volume or the largest container, whichever is greater. Therefore, Drum Pallets designed to hold 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 - 55-gallon drums all require the same containment capacity - 55 gallons.

Spill Pallets of Steel, Stainless Steel or Polyethylene?

This depends mainly on which material will be stored on the spill pallet. In principle, the material of the collecting basin must be resistant to the material to be stored.

As a rule of thumb, if water-endangering substances and flammable liquids are adjusted, for example, oils, varnishes or paints, one must choose a steel sump. DENIOS offers most steel spill pallets galvanized or varnished. Both variants are possible in principle.

Poly/plastic or stainless steel spill pallets are used to store aggressive chemicals, such as acids and alkalis. These are non-corrosive and, therefore, optimally designed for storing these substances.

  • Drum Steel Spill Pallets
  • Drum Poly Spill Pallets
  • IBC Steel spill Pallets
  • IBC Poly Spill Pallets

Depending on the requirements, DENIOS filling stations can be designed for one or more containers. Solutions for up to 3 IBCs in a row can be made of steel or PE, for example.

What should be considered when filling?

First of all, it must be ensured that all safety precautions and protective measures are observed. You can find out precisely what these are in our guide. Only use accessories and pumps that are suitable for the liquid being stored. In the case of highly flammable liquids, appropriate explosion protection measures must be observed. This also includes explosion-proof working materials such as pumps, suction devices or grounding cables. When handling hazardous substances, suitable occupational safety measures must always be observed.

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