Safety Storage Cabinets

Safety Cabinets for a Variety of Stored Chemicals

DENIOS offers a wide range of safety cabinets for a variety of stored chemicals. Our portfolio of chemical storage includes flammable storage cabinet, fire rated, and caged storage cabinets. 

All DENIOS hazardous liquids cabinets have one thing in common: long-term investment security for the customer through the fabrication of high-quality materials, proven concepts and tested performance. Most cabinets carry FM Approval. Additional shelves, drip trays, pull-out shelves available accessories.

Ideal for use in laboratories, stores, warehouses and anywhere where hazardous liquids need to be stored safely and securely, safety cabinet provides the highest level of security while enabling effective work processes. 



Hazardous Liquids Cabinets Provide Fire Protection 

Flammable cabinets provide for safe storage of flammable containers. Paint cans, release agents, oils or cleaners must be stored under strict conditions. A fire-resistant hazardous materials cabinet provides this. Depending on the space available at the place of use, the customer's decision is usually between a standard cabinet that can be placed directly on the workbench or the work table, a base cabinet, or a cabinet that is attached directly to the wall.  DENIOS offer the following cabinet types: Flammable, paint and ink, pesticide, and corrosive storage

Manual and automatic hinged doors or folding doors are common closure solutions in flammable cabinets.