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Ensuring the safe handling of heavy drums is crucial in industrial settings where these drums are stored or moved at different heights. DENIOS, a leading provider of drum handling solutions, offers a wide range of drum lifting equipment tailored to meet the demands of modern facilities. Our assortment of drum lifters is engineered to effortlessly and securely lift drums of varying sizes to different heights, improving operational efficiency and bolstering safety for personnel in industrial environments.

At the heart of efficient drum handling lie drum lifters, indispensable for safely managing drums that are too cumbersome or weighty for facility staff to handle. Depending on the model, these lifters operate through a mechanical system, securely grasping the drum from the top, sides, or beneath. This secure grip is achieved through an adaptable clamping mechanism designed to fit drums of diverse sizes and types. Once the clamp is firmly in place, the operator can raise the drum manually, through a hydraulic system, or using an electric motor, ensuring a safe and precise lifting and positioning process.

The design of these lifters prioritizes stability and control during movement, significantly mitigating the risk of spills or mishaps while dealing with hefty drums.

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Ensuring Operator Safety and Comfort as the Top Priority

Precision and Robustness

DENIOS drum lifting equipment is meticulously designed for ergonomic efficiency, prioritizing operator comfort and safety by minimizing physical strain. With our well-crafted lifting and lowering solution, users effortlessly elevate heavy barrels without worry, ensuring a smooth and strain-free operation. This thoughtful design approach heightens safety and optimizes the handling process, enhancing overall efficiency. Our drum lifting equipment seamlessly combines robust strength with exacting precision. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, our drum lifters are built to withstand substantial weights and endure the demands of industrial use. Simultaneously, they are engineered for precise maneuvering, facilitating accurate placement and handling of drums, a critical factor in modern facilities where precision holds as much significance as strength.

Discover the pinnacle of drum lifting expertise with DENIOS.

DENIOS barrel lifters are engineered with robust construction, purpose-built to endure the harshest industrial environments. These sturdy lifters offer exceptional durability and strength, capable of withstanding heavy loads and consistent, long-term use. Precision-crafted gripping mechanisms ensure a secure hold on barrels of varying sizes and materials, delivering unwavering reliability year after year.

Designed for seamless operation and user safety, the lifting components guarantee reliability and longevity in demanding industrial settings. This fusion of resilient materials, exacting engineering, and thoughtful design establishes DENIOS barrel lifters as a trustworthy choice for safe and efficient barrel handling.

Enter a realm defined by efficiency, safety, and dependability with DENIOS' diverse range of drum lifters. Whether the need involves light or heavy lifting, standard or irregular barrels positioned at height or ground level, our lineup offers tailored solutions. Each piece of equipment embodies our commitment to enhancing industrial efficiency and safety.

Simplify the handling and transportation of 55-gallon (208 Liters) steel and plastic drums with our purpose-built drum lifters. Featuring a wide chassis and hydraulic pump, they ensure effortless maneuvering. The automatically closing drum clamps provide a secure grip on drums of various sizes, while adjustable clamps guarantee safe lifting. With a broad chassis, accessing drums at the back and spanning pallets becomes hassle-free.

Our innovative drum transporter incorporates a gas spring for smooth movements and a double locking device, ensuring secure drum holding at three positions.

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