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BioNTech Manufacturing Marburg GmbH says thank you

A significant milestone was achieved in an incredible journey spanning over 50,000 steps from the inception of mRNA production to the final bulk vaccine in Marburg. BioNTech's Marburg site received the coveted approval from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for commercial COVID-19 vaccine production a mere five months after construction for new facilities and technology transfer for the mRNA production process.

The production scale is staggering: a single mRNA batch at the current scale has the potential to yield approximately eight million vaccine doses. To achieve this remarkable feat, the Marburg facility is powered by the dedication of 400 BioNTech employees, with 200 working tirelessly in round-the-clock shifts to maximize the production's output. This impressive effort was not in vain, as the EMA's approval now allows the delivery of the first drug product batches of the vaccine to the European Union and countries worldwide. The first batches manufactured at the Marburg site are anticipated to be distributed in the second half of April, signifying a pivotal moment in the fight against the pandemic.

However, this monumental accomplishment wasn't solitary; it was a collective endeavor that involved an extensive network of partners, public authorities, regional authorities, service providers, and suppliers. The collaboration extended beyond BioNTech Manufacturing Marburg GmbH, encompassing teams across all BioNTech SE locations. The success story owes much to the unity and cooperation fostered among these various entities. Over 100 partners, service providers, and suppliers contributed significantly in the last five months, exceeding expectations with their unwavering commitment and dedication.

An Insight into the Remarkable Journey and Collaborative Triumph

The journey wasn't without its challenges. Countless hours were spent on construction sites and in project teams, with teams going above and beyond with extra shifts and unparalleled flexibility. They displayed a remarkable readiness to accommodate last-minute changes, successfully implementing them to ensure the project's success. This commitment, adaptability, and perseverance amid ever-evolving circumstances were fundamental in achieving this remarkable collective success.

BioNTech takes this moment to express profound gratitude and appreciation to its team and partners. Their incredible efforts, commitment to excellence, and willingness to adapt and excel in facing challenges were instrumental in making the seemingly impossible possible. The dedication displayed by everyone involved underscores the immense value of collaboration, teamwork, and a shared vision in tackling global health challenges.

In a world where every step counts in the fight against the pandemic, this achievement stands as a testament to human determination, collaboration, and the unyielding spirit to make a difference.

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