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Exploring the Global Landscape of Barriers

A Comprehensive Insight into Spill and Flood Containment

Explore DENIOS' comprehensive range of containment barriers tailored to diverse needs. Whether you're managing spills within your facility or emphasizing critical areas like chemical storage and flood prevention, we've got you taken care of.

Please choose from our variety of options, including manual barriers in our shop and engineered solutions designed to meet a wide range of requirements. Our models are adaptable to different scenarios, with recommendations varying based on factors such as warehouse characteristics, pedestrian or vehicle traffic, and indoor conditions. Select the suitable barrier for your needs to ensure optimal protection, whether for warehouses with minimal doors, indoor spaces with low foot or vehicle traffic, or environments where maintaining a horizontal position is crucial to prevent leaks.

Pop-up Barriers

Concerned about potential damage from spills, floods, or sprinkler releases in your facility? Look no further – DENIOS, the pioneers in spill control, has the perfect solution for you. With over 30 years of expertise and more than 1,000 barriers manufactured, we've got you covered.

Introducing our self-contained, passively powered Pop-Up Barriers – an automatic and efficient solution that can save both your facility and lives. No external power, personnel, or sensors are required; it operates entirely on its own!

The Passive Pop-Up Flood Barrier seamlessly integrates into existing doorways and is stored horizontally on the floor to allow regular vehicular and personnel traffic until a flood event. Upon the first flow of water, the barrier automatically closes, eliminating the need for additional ramps or berms.

In cases of significant spills or unexpected sprinkler discharges, containing the spill in a specific area is crucial for minimizing cleanup costs and facility damage. Our Pop-Up Spill Barriers provide the necessary protection by swiftly sealing off doorways or openings within the affected space upon detecting liquid flow.

What makes a DENIOS Pop-Up Barrier the preferred choice?

Addressing Spills...

For businesses engaged in chemical storage, the persistent threat of leaks and spills poses a considerable risk. The installation of a Pop-Up Spill Barrier offers a pragmatic solution, whether segregating incompatible materials within a spacious facility or efficiently containing potential spills and sprinkler releases at all access points along the facility's perimeter.

Handling Floods...

Warehouse facilities, equipment, and merchandise are vulnerable to damage from flooding. Surprisingly, over 80% of flood-related losses result from floodwaters less than 15 inches high. Installing an FM-approved Pop-Up Flood Barrier on exterior doors provides a dependable solution for safeguarding lower-level building access points or implementing design and usage modifications to mitigate flood risks.

Key Benefits:

  • Operates autonomously without the need for electricity or human intervention

  • Instantly activates

  • Provides a seamless, unobstructed flat doorway opening

  • Requires zero space as all components are recessed and flush with the floor

  • Complies with building codes

  • Effectively reduces the risk of substantial insurance claims

Pop-Up Barriers Informational Brochure

Do you want to know how a Spill or Flood Barrier works? Check out our brochure to learn more about:

  • Description and Features

  • How it works

  • Approvals

  • Installation

We are happy to advise you!

Tailor-made advice, and service fulfillment. Our advisors walk the additional mile. Take advantage of our phone, mail, or on-premise service offers.

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Manual Barriers

We are introducing our manual containment barriers, offering a prompt and efficient solution for the containment of hazardous liquids. These barriers guarantee the adequate confinement of pollutants with minimal economic impact.

Our range encompasses diverse models, each meticulously designed to meet your specific requirements. The selection of the most suitable barrier depends on factors such as the facility's layout, the number of pedestrian or vehicle access points, and the indoor activity levels. For warehouses with restricted doors and low traffic, specific barrier types are recommended to ensure a consistently horizontal position and prevent potential leaks. Prioritizing safety in our design and maintaining the barriers in a horizontal position at all times, particularly during periods of inactivity, is strongly advised.

We are happy to advise you!

Tailor-made advice, and service fulfillment. Our advisors walk the additional mile. Take advantage of our phone, mail, or on-premise service offers.

Expert advice 01952 811 991

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