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How to Save Money with a Safety Cabinet

The essential advantage of a safety cabinet is the safe and legally compliant possibility of storing hazardous substances in workspaces, therefore fulfilling the basic requirements of the applicable statutory regulations and laws. But did you know that a safety cabinet minimizes many risk situations in daily routines and saves you time and money?

Discover here how to save time & money with a safety cabinet...

If hazardous substances are not available at the point of use but are stored in a central warehouse, how does this affect daily working hours? Our illustrative daily schedule below shows you where many companies are wasting valuable working time - and how decentralized storage in safety cabinets can help.

The close-to-workplace storage of hazardous substances minimizes risks in the daily routine, helps you avoid unnecessary travel times, and makes work processes more efficient. Depending on the company's size, several minutes per day can be estimated for in-house transport. Even if an employee only spends 6 minutes a day, over time, that equates to a lot of lost working hours:

Travel Time

  • 6 minutes per day

  • 30 minutes per day

  • 2 hours per month

  • Three working days per year

As a guide, a single employee can spend up to 3 working days a year transporting hazardous substances from A to B. Time-consuming transport can be significantly reduced with a safety cabinet - the working time can be used more effectively and save you money! The initial cost of the safety cabinet has then quickly paid for itself.


Saving transport at the expense of safety can also be expensive! If hazardous substances are stored improperly, and damage occurs

  • Your insurance claim expires.

  • The partners are personally liable for any damage to property or personal injury.

  • This can lead to incalculable production losses.

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