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Case Studies of Pop-Up Barriers Containment Solutions from DENIOS

Are you looking for technical containment that meets your needs? Contact us and we will analyse your individual needs in the first step. We have already created many individual solutions for our customers and have compiled an excerpt of the last few years for you on this page.

Distillery Spill Containment

A well-known distillery in central Kentucky was confronted with the problem of limited space for its in-process containers of Bourbon, other distilled spirits, and special flavorings. The primary issue was the lack of floor space to accommodate team and small equipment movement through different staging areas while keeping a safe workplace.

A 3rd party AHJ had previously called for spill and leak prevention measures.

DENIOS Pop-Up Spill Barriers were installed at key access points for walkways and equipment access. This installation project allowed the customer to combine similar products into defined areas which helped with inventory tracking, safety, and efficiency. The spill barrier solution was also approved by the AHJ assigned to this location.

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