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Product world Gas cylinders: Avoid fires, explosions or material leaks!

Proper gas cylinder storage and handling are extremely important, as pressurized gas cylinders pose a high safety risk and thus a considerable potential danger. DENIOS offers reliable and legally compliant products for outdoor and indoor storage as well as for the safe, daily handling of gas cylinders.

Storing gas cylinders safely

Gas cylinder cabinets

In our range, you will find a large selection of compact gas cylinder cabinets for outdoor installation. The dimensions of the various models are optimized for storing moderate quantities of propane or compressed gas cylinders of 24 lb, 72 lb, or 13 gals. Choose from models in weatherproof design made of robust sheet steel with integrated ventilation openings or compact cage cabinets for a roofed outdoor installation.

Gas cylinder storage for small outdoor installation

Gas cylinder stores are designed for storing large quantities of gas cylinders outdoors. They consist of a robust steel frame construction with mesh grating and thus allow natural ventilation. The roof is made of profiled sheet steel which protects it from the weather.

Gas cylinder storage for large outdoor installation

Use gas cylinder containers to store larger quantities of gas cylinders outdoors by regulations. Gas cylinder containers are also available as closed storage facilities with fire protection - ideal if space problems on the factory premises do not allow compliance with protective distances.

Guide: Handling gas cylinders safely

Gas cylinders belong to the group of portable compressed gas containers and are used in numerous industries. For example, for welding in workshops, for work in the laboratory or as a refrigerant in cooling and freezing applications. There are many hazards associated with handling gases - which makes them more challenging to store than liquid hazardous materials in many ways.

In our guide to the safe storage of gas cylinders, we list some of the most important requirements.

Handle and transport gas cylinders safely

Gas Cilinder stands

With a gas cylinder wall mount or gas cylinder stand, you ensure that individual gas cylinders have a secure stand and cannot fall over. The gas cylinders are secured with chains or lashing straps. While chains are optimized for fixed gas cylinder diameters, strap systems can be adjusted to different sizes.

Gas cylinder carts and trolleys

Professional transport aids enable the safe lifting and moving of gas cylinders to the place of use. In our range, you will find manually operated gas cylinder trolleys for transporting one to two gas cylinders - but also spacious transport racks and pallets with which you can transport larger quantities of gas cylinders by forklift truck or pallet truck.

Heating jackets for gas cylinders

Several production processes require a constant supply of gases to create controlled atmospheric conditions. To keep the flow rates constant, precise temperature control is necessary. Heating jackets for gas cylinders have been specially developed for these tasks and are available as versions for use in normal working environments and Ex zones.

Guide: Handling gas cylinders safely

Gas cylinders are used every day in many businesses. We are often under the misapprehension that their use is harmless because in the private sphere, every layman is allowed to use gas cylinders without having to prove safety knowledge. However, caution is required in every single case of use - because mistakes in handling gas cylinders can have devastating consequences. Therefore, you should adhere to some safety regulations when handling gas cylinders in your everyday work and also make your employees aware of them.

You can find out what you should pay attention to when working with gas cylinders and when transporting gas cylinders in our guide.

Accessories for the safe handling of gas cylinders

Warning signs for working with gas cylinders

Signage offers you the possibility to warn of dangers from gas cylinders, to identify the gas cylinder store as such, to draw attention to smoking bans, or to visually signal access prohibitions to the gas cylinder store. For this purpose various GHS symbols, warning- and prohibition signs are available.

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