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Test Rooms for Lithium Batteries

Newly developed lithium energy storage devices or products with built-in lithium batteries such as domestic appliances, tools or electric vehicles have to be thoroughly tested before they are approved for sale. The planning of a safe test environment must take many customer-specific aspects into account. For this reason, lithium test rooms are almost always designed to customer-specific specifications. We will be happy to support you in determining your needs.

Needs analysis and project advice

Groundbreaking solutions are created when customers and manufacturers work closely together. Close cooperation is our top priority. Our experts will support you with planning right from the start. When our quote is given, you’ll already have direct contact and easy communication options. With a diverse team of specialists, DENIOS offers an integrated range of services all in one system and ensures continuous project management right from the start. “Made by DENIOS” represents the highest levels of quality, all from one supplier.

Needs analysis and advice – the foundation of your safe test environment

  • What do your risk assessment and fire protection design say?

  • Which test processes will be carried out?

  • How will the test environment be integrated into your infrastructure and work processes?

Our engineers use targeted questions to clarify what your optimum design could look like. Space requirements, installation location (indoors or outdoors), equipment, safety equipment – your individual requirements profile will be created from our needs analysis. You’ll benefit from our expertise as fire safety experts, which we will pass on to you and will use to create your design, allowing your employees and equipment to be protected in the best way possible.

Professional project management

Our aim is the precise implementation of your project, on time, ensured by our specialist staff. We will create an individual room system, customized to your individual requirements, in a step-by-step process in accordance with our integrated service concept. In addition to the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), you may also monitor the progress of production phases in person. We have many years of experience with legislation, approval authorities, and insurers and will work alongside you throughout the project. We will create a plan together to gain approval for your test environment’s structural, environmental, Ex and fire protection aspects - a vital prerequisite for insurance. After the project has been completed, you will receive comprehensive project documentation as well as tested structural analysis calculations.

Product features and equipment

DENIOS prides itself on building rooms that perfectly meet your requirements and offer the highest levels of safety. A standard solution often lacks the optimum features for testing lithium energy storage devices. This is why we manufacture test environments almost exclusively to customer-specific requirements. A benefit for you: during design and production we can therefore take advantage of many proven standard elements. This means you’ll be able to benefit from the combination of cost-effective standard production and individual design.

Simulation – the core function of your test room

The simulation of loading situations for lithium energy storage devices requires various process-dependent functions to be available in the test environment. Alongside individual equipment options, test rooms from DENIOS offer the possibility of simulating or supporting various loading situations inside the room:

  • Simulation of extreme environmental conditions due to loading up to the permissible temperature limits (eg -20 ° C to + 60 ° C), as well as behavior testing in the event of temperature fluctuations
  • Effect of increased humidity on the test body, eg. B. by condensation
  • Load with minimum and maximum current supply such as the upper and lower voltage limits
  • Shock testing
  • Noise tests
  • Corrosion and harmful gas tests
  • Testing the electromagnetic compatibility
  • Cyclisation of the batteries
  • Long-term stress tests
  • Altitude simulation

And size? Whatever size you want!

The variable dimensions of the test room mean that it can be designed exactly for the space you have available and the required application. As a compact solution there are numerous space-saving applications which can fit in any position. The low net weight means that its position can also be easily changed (e.g. following internal re-organization). Large-scale solutions are also possible, from combined storage and test facilities to multi-room complexes with covered-over logistics and access areas.

We are happy to advise you!

Tailor-made advice, and service fulfillment. Our advisors walk the additional mile. Take advantage of our phone, mail, or on-premise service offers.

Expert advice 1-905-551-9519

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