Heating Strips and Blankets

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Strip, blanket, and immersion heaters for drums and IBC totes

Temperature-sensitive substances play an essential role in the manufacturing processes of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Different materials and many production heat related processes require pinpoint accurate preparation.

Strip, blanket, and immersion heaters for drums and IBC totes are ideal when you need to heat just a single drum or IBC. Available for IBCs, steel and plastic drums and also for explosion proof areas, heating blankets and drum heaters are a good choice when the heating process is mainly seasonal or only occasionally, but also when the production process requires greater flexibility.

Furthermore, heating blankets and drum heaters are easy to use and cost-efficient.

Which substances are tempered?

Depending on the industry, different materials must be kept at a controlled temperature, for example in order to maintain a low viscosity and thus better flowability. In the chemical industry these are in most cases process substances, resins or additives. Especially in the food sector, there are a number of substances that have to have a certain temperature level in order to be processed at all, for example:

  • Oils and fats
  • Chocolate
  • Flavors
  • Filling mass

In addition to the temperature-controlled provision, it is often desired to protect containers in the outdoor area from frost. For these and other applications, heating jackets are ideal.