Eye Wash Stations

Emergency eye/face wash stations are essential when all other safety precautions have failed. They offer fast relief in case of an eye injury. DENIOS has an extensive product range including Deck Mounted Eyewash Station, Faucet Mounted Eyewash, and Eye Wash and Shower Stations.

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Help Protect Employee's Eyes

What are eye showers suitable for?

In potentially hazardous working areas, there must be suitable safety showers that will immediately deliver enough fluid in the event of an accident. Body and / or eyes must be able to be quickly showered after contact with hazardous substances or after burns.

Advantage of a DENIOS Emergency shower:

  • Fast help in an emergency
  • Simple and reliable function
  • Ergonomically shaped

How often do emergency showers have to be checked?

All safety showers should be serviced and cleaned regularly - at least every 6 months. Furthermore, they must be checked regularly (at least once a month or according to the manufacturer's specifications) for their functionality.