Drum Handling

Lifting and Transportation of Dangerous Goods

DENIOS US offers a wide range of devices for drum handling with proven auxiliary means, including lifting and transportation of dangerous goods.

Hazardous materials have to be frequently stored and transported in drums. Choose the ideal drum cart or dolly from our large product range available to suit your individual needs. Oil drum carts are available for transporting gas bottles and cylinders. Drum carts are used to lift and transport standing or lying containers. They are suitable for all barrel types up to 1100 lbs  and equipped with sophisticated functions such as gas springs, tilting mechanisms or lever rods.

Our product range also includes a wide range of drum and container carts and tipper carts.  

Forklift truck attachments are an ideal way of transporting heavy drums safely and easily. Whether you require drum turners, drum lifters or drum grippers, DENIOS US can offer the ideal forklift truck attachment to meet your application requirements.