Pesticide Storage Cabinets



Pesticides are controlled as hazardous waste when disposed of. Inappropriate pesticide storage, as well as disposal, is hazardous to individuals health and the environment. Maintain all chemical pesticides with a secured pesticide storage cabinets in a well-ventilated utility space.

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Pesticide Storage Cabinets Lock Up Dangerous Waste

Special standards and regulations apply to the storage of hazardous substances in workrooms. DENIOS Pesticide Storage Cabinets meet these requirements and effectively protect the environment and employees. All DENIOS hazardous materials cabinets have one thing in common: long-term investment security for the customer through the processing of high-quality materials, proven concepts and tested quality. Each cabinet has a proven standard equipment. Additional shelves, drip trays, pull-out shelves, fully automatic folding doors and automatic door locking systems are optionally configurable depending on the model or available as an accessory from us in the shop.