Drum Storage Cabinets



DENIOS drum storage cabinets allow you to store hazardous substances safely and in compliance with the latest regulations. Suitable for storing, collecting and filling small containers and drums, a DENIOS drum cabinet is approved for the storage of substances hazardous to water and flammable liquids. 


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Advantages of Drum Storage Cabinets

Available in many different sizes to meet your requirements and suitable for internal and external installation, a DENIOS drum cabinet offers a flexible and practical solution for storing drums safely. Each drum storage unit is supplied with lockable doors to prevent unauthorized access to further protect your equipment.  Some models are supplied with shelves for storing small containers which can be easily adjusted to meet individual requirements for both vertical and horizontal barrel storage.

Other drum storage units have been optimized to facilitate the housing of pumps, funnels and pallets, whilst other models can be used as a filling or dispensing station as well as a drum storage cabinet. 

Polyethylene chemical drum storage is also available in a variety of sizes for the safe storage of acids and alkalis.

Drum storage cabinets have a double-walled construction, with 1 1/2” air space, using 18 gauge steel.

Other innovative features contribute to maximum safety. High-quality slide rail closers with integrated door locking system effortlessly move the doors. No door-closer arm interferes with the interior of the cabinet. 

Through the supply and exhaust ports in the roof area, VbF drum cabinets can be connected to existing ventilation systems. An internal earthing bar with external earthing pin as connection ensures the necessary equipotential bonding. 

Choose between a vertical and horizontal model, and 1 or 2 drum capacity. The horizontal model includes a Drum Cradle.