Safety Storage Cabinets

Cabinets for a variety of stored media

DENIOS Canada offer a wide range of safety storage cabinets for a variety of stored media including flammable storage cabinets, acid and alkali cabinets, chemicals cabinets, and dispensing cabinets.

Wall Mount Cabinet - Available in 24 gallon capacities. Cabinet mounts easily to wall, providing easy access to stored chemicals. All mounting hardware is included and features three adjustable shelves. Available with manual or self-closing doors.

Double-Walled Storage Cabinets - Double-walled construction with 1 1/2” air space using 18 gauge steel, 2” raised, leakproof sill, Coated with a yellow, high-gloss finish, Manual or self-closing doors secured by 3-point key lock, Vents, with 2” threaded fitting, include fire baffle and cap, Complies with NFPA Code 30 and OSHA

Four leveling legs, Extra shelves available – call factory for details.

Many other options available, please see below categories.

Hazardous Goods Cabinets with Fire Protection

Basically, hazardous materials cabinets are always the right choice when it comes to the safe placement of flammable media. Paint cans, release agents, oils or cleaners must be readily available, but must be stored under strict conditions. A fire-resistant hazardous materials cabinet offers optimal conditions for this. Depending on the space available at the place of use, the customer's decision is usually between a classic cabinet that can be placed directly on the workbench or the work table, a base cabinet or a hazardous material box that is attached directly to the wall. Basically, we at DENIOS offer the following cabinet types:

  • Hazardous goods cabinets with 30 or 90 minutes fire protection
  • Base cabinets with 30 or 90 minutes fire protection
  • Drum cabinets with 90 minutes fire protection
  • Gas cabinets

Manually operated hinged doors or folding doors are common closure solutions in a hazardous materials cabinet. A semi-automatic opening via "OneTouch" is possible. Here a free hand is enough to open or close the cupboard. In order to always have the content in view, models with glass doors are also available. The latest innovation in hazardous fire cabinets with fire protection: Cabinets with vertical extension are real space savers and fit any workplace. For most customers, one of the most important decisions will be how much fire safety is necessary. This is where the DENIOS consultants help. By means of differently available colors, DENIOS hazardous waste cabinets can also be optically adapted to their environment of use.

Chemical Storage Cabinets

What is the difference between a chemical cabinet and a hazardous materials cabinet? A chemical cabinet is specially designed for the storage of water polluting, harmful or toxic hazardous substances. As a rule, these are made of stable sheet steel construction. Inside the cabinet, flexible divider concepts ensure optimum space utilization. Tray pull-outs enable convenient and safe removal, and plastic drip trays ensure that dripping quantities and leaks are easily absorbed. Individual coloring and viewing windows help to systematize and quickly find the right chemical. If even small quantities of flammable media have to be accommodated, types with a safety box are also available.

Acid and Alkali Cabinets

Metals are prone to corrosion, that is, the gradual decomposition by oxidizing the material. Acids and alkalis accelerate this process. Cabinets for storing these media are made of highly resistant materials, such as polyethylene or melamine resin coated sheet steel. Thus, water-polluting, non-flammable liquids, toxins, acids and alkalis can be stored in workrooms in accordance with the law and maximum safety. This product group includes:

  • Plastic cabinets
  • Stainless steel cabinets

In order to provide the customer with the greatest possible flexibility in interior design, the shelves can also be adjusted in height for the acid and alkali cabinets. An important factor in the safety of employees is ventilation. Depending on the type, acid and alkali cabinets, like the DENIOS hazardous goods cabinets, have exhaust air outlets and can be equipped with an optional venting unit. Inside, integrated drip pans ensure safety during use. Also in terms of customer-friendly dimensioning, the DENIOS product range offers everything from the space-saving hanging cabinet to the large pull-out cabinet with 12 drawers.