IBC Containers

DENIOS produces a large number of  IBC totes in Louisville, KY per year. From buying any of our stainless steel chemical totes, DENIOS Canada can help you with your liquid storage and transport needs. 

Intermediate Bulk Container or IBC containers are a large vessel designed for the safe and legal storage and transport of liquid substances such as chemicals and solvents. IBC’s often are constructed from a number of materials such as stainless steel or aluminum.

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Advantages of IBC Containers from DENIOS

Our IBC containers are created with the best quality capital equipment as well as most skilled welders in the business and we provide various kinds of intermediate bulk containers for your own unique application requirements.

Models made from environmentally friendly polyethylene with plastic or wooden pallets and a volume of 158 to 264 gallons are approved for safe storage of hazardous liquids. The pallets are easily accessible by forklift trucks or pallet trucks; Thanks to the stable construction, IBCs are ideal for use in the transport of dangerous goods.

For optimum use of the available storage space, up to 4 IBCs can also be stacked on top of each other.

IBC used in the Food Industry

IBCs are also used in the food industry. In this area, the highest standards of hygiene apply. Stainless steel containers are used mostly in this industry. The contents of the storage containers are changed, exchanged or converted frequently and due to the design and material, IBCs are particularly suitable for these tasks.