Dispensing Safety Cans & Containers

Safely store and transport a wide variety of materials with the help of Dispensing Safety Cans and Containers from DENIOS Canada. With a wide range of drums and containers available, you can easily find the perfect solution for your business.


With Intermediate Bulk Containers to safely and legally store and transport large volumes of liquid substances such as chemicals and solvents, open and closed head drums to store and transport hazardous solids and Safety Cans for dispensing and transporting small volumes of flammable liquids, DENIOS Canada has the product to suit your needs.


We carry Dispensing Safety Cans and Containers in a broad range of sizes constructed from a selection of safe materials such as polyethylene, steel, and stainless steel.


For special requests such as quantity discounts, custom colours, alternate sizes, stainless steel construction, and drum linings for our Heavy Duty Steel Drums, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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What options are available for storing solids and pastes?

We carry a selection of drums to suit every requirement. Our Poly Drums are manufactured from high-quality plastic that is suitable for the most aggressive chemicals, while our Heavy Duty Steel Drums are painted on the outside and untreated on the inside, although drums can be lined if required.

Heavy Duty Steel Drums are available in 30 gallon and 55 gallon capacities with either open or closed heads. Open top steel drums are UN approved for solid materials. Poly Drums are also available with either open or closed heads in 15, 30, and 55 gallon capacities. Open-headed Poly Drums can be easily filled and are ideally suited to the storage of solids and pastes.

How can I safely dispense small volumes of hazardous materials?

DENIOS Canada carries a range of Safety Cans which are ideal for both dispensing and transporting small quantities of hazardous materials or flammables. Featuring self-closing lids, grounding connections, and flame arrestors, these containers provide optimal protection against flame penetration.

Available in four different colours to allow for easy identification of the contents, which include:

Red – Flammable

·        Yellow – Diesel

·        Blue – Kerosene

·        Green – Combustible

With options available in steel, stainless steel, and polyethylene in a wide selection of volumes, DENIOS Canda has the perfect Safety Can for your needs. 

What can I use to store or transport large amounts of hazardous liquids safely?

DENIOS Canada produces a wide variety of totes for the safe storage and transport of large quantities of hazardous liquids. Our chemical totes are perfect for protecting liquid substances such as chemicals and solvents.

Our IBC Containers are created with stable designs by skilled welders to safely transport dangerous goods, in a broad range of sizes from 250 to 550 gallons. With models available in stainless steel, painted steel, and environmentally friendly polyethylene, DENIOS Canada has an IBC Container to meet your unique needs.

To make the best use of available storage space, some models of our IBCs can be stacked up to four high.