Manual Drum Pumps

The Right Pump for Every Viscosity

DENIOS manual drum pumps allow safe dispensing, pumping, and transferring of liquids from drums and barrels, even in hazardous areas.

Liquids are highly variable in their viscosity (their toughness) or their chemical properties. Thanks to our wide range we have the right pump for every viscosity. The medium or container does not matter: at DENIOS you can find the right pump perfectly tailored to the supporting medium. This ensures a long service life and reliable pumping performance.

Adapters allow for the exact fitting of bungs. Stainless steel hand pumps allow you to safely pump flammable liquids or chemicals. Polypropylene pumps are resistant to weak acids, alkalis and cleaning agents. Earth cables with Atex-approval prevent any risk of explosion through static build-up and are available as separate accessories.

What are pumps used for?

Often it is necessary to make a tailor-made filling of hazardous substances - for example, from a large container into a smaller container. Especially with large containers, it is hardly possible to tilt the drum, without risking a spill.