Electric Drum Pumps

The Right Pump for Every Application

Liquids are highly variable in their viscosity (their toughness) or their chemical properties. There is no pump that can satisfactorily handle all media. Rather, one must decide depending on the media group for a model:

  • Acids and alkalis as well as chemical solutions, aggressive chemicals
  • Fuels, diesel, engine oils
  • Solvents, paints and varnishes
  • Substances with a particularly high viscosity, solids-containing media
  • Cutting oils, coolants, hydraulic and gear oils, cleaning solutions, medicines and foodstuffs

At DENIOS Canada you can find exactly what you need: the right pump for every application.

Depending on the requirements, the pumps are optimized for different hazardous substances and are available in various designs. Whether it is for a drum or container, if you require an electric drum pumps or compressed air pump, a standard pump configuration or with explosion protection, our pumps are always suited for the viscosity of the stored product and the handling of aggressive materials, with the correct pump all your workplace applications are covered.

Available as a ready-to-use set comprising pump, immersion pipe and 8 foot media resistant hose, pump nozzle, drum adapter and potential equalization cable.

Compressed air membrane pumps manufactured from NIRO/PTFE are suitable for areas subject to explosion hazards. This membrane pump is suitable for the safe and reliable extraction of susceptible, high-viscosity substances with solid particles as well as the extraction of abrasive substances

Often it is necessary to make a tailor-made filling of hazardous substances - for example, from a large container into a smaller container. Especially with large containers, it is hardly possible to tilt or tilt for filling, without risking a spill or have to muster a lot of strength. 

The DENIOS range is adapted to the needs of industrial customers and includes:

  • Laboratory pumps for filling small quantities of acids and alkalis, battery operated and electrically operated
  • Drum and container pumps
  • Double diaphragm pumps for acids and alkalis in "rough" industrial applications, single or complete as a set for 200 liter drums
  • 1000-liter IBCs Mixing pumps for media that are particularly prone to sedimentation (deposition on the ground, for example): First mix, then pump - with the same device
  • Drum and container pumps as well as double diaphragm pumps especially for the mineral oil sector, individually or in a complete set. If required also with flow meter.
  • Filling in hazardous areas, pumps with electric or compressed air operated drive. Optional pumping stations with optimum emptying.
  • Double diaphragm pumps and flow meters for hazardous areas
  • Large-capacity container pumps, dry-run centrifugal pumps for emptying the floor drain
  • Stainless steel pumps and flow meters in a special design for the food industry, also for pharmaceutical products and highly flammable foodstuffs