Automatic Doorway Flood Barriers - FM Approved

DENIOS Canada FM Approved Automatic Doorway Flood Barriers System (FM Approvals Class 2510, 2012)

This barrier keeps floodwaters out of your facilities by providing a flood “wall” at your doorways.

Provides all the durable construction and operational characteristics of our doorway spill barrier but is designed specifically for floodwaters.

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Self-Contained and Easy to Install Automatic Doorway Flood Barriers

The Doorway Flood Barrier installs easily in existing doorways and stores horizontally in the floor, permitting normal vehicular and personnel traffic, until a flood occurs. With the first flow of water the Barrier automatically closes. No additional ramps or berms are needed.

In addition, the DENIOS Automatic Doorway Flood Barrier provides:

  • Door heights of 12, 18, and 24 inches.
  • Widths from 3 to 12 feet.
  • Flexible design allows installation either inside or outside exterior doors